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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Table of Contents and List of Questions for this FAQ on American Judicial and Legal Corruption (F.A.Q., Frequently Asked Questions)

Here is the complete internet FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, on American judicial and legal corruption - the most hidden and ugly secret about life inside the modern United States.

Information for the many victims of USA legal injustice, and for anyone seeking to understand America's terrifying legal system, and how America really works. Why American lawyers and judges are destroying families, sending innocent people to prison, and why average working people and minorities often cannot get justice in American courts.

This FAQ is needed because USA major news media are afraid to talk about wrongdoing by lawyers and judges. Here is the truth that US media knows, but hides from the public. This information in this FAQ may be re-published without charge, even in full, by anyone, anywhere, with acknowledgement of author and source.

Here's the table of contents, a list of just the questions - Click on the question to read the answer:

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1. I've been a victim of wrongdoing by a judge or lawyer - where do I start in getting help?

When you have been a victim of wrongdoing by a judge or lawyer, you have joined the ranks of what are now millions of victims of sleaze and corruption in the American legal system.

But you need first of all to realise that you are in a situation where it will be very difficult for you to get help, despite your being surrounded by well something like 1.3 million lawyers in the USA, and living in a society obsessed with law and lawyers, with courts and with lawsuits.

You are victim in need of legal help, yet it is mostly forbidden to USA lawyers and judges to help you. I will try to explain why.

This FAQ explains what will likely happen, as you try various avenues of seeking help and justice, and try to defend yourself against powerful forces who are set up against you.

You have begun a road that is probably long and lonely, as well as dangerous. You or a loved one may be threatened with jail and prison, with losing everything you have or own, with being mentally and even physically tormented, and even being murdered or put to death.

You may be completely innocent, and even have complete proof that a lawyer or judge or their friends have committed major felony crimes.

But still, you may have a terribly difficult time getting anyone to help you, or getting the news media to cover your story, or even getting someone to listen to you.

The first step is to face and confront the situation, and know exactly what you are facing in America's strange legal system. This FAQ will help you understand the evil games played at a USA courthouse, and in a USA society that hides the truth about this horrid system.

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2. I thought America was a "free country" with the "greatest legal system in the world" - so why is my situation such a difficult problem?

If you are a new victim of judicial or legal corruption, you start to see that the USA is a very different kind of place, than how you used to think of it. You are now confronted with the most hidden and terrible secret about life in modern America.

The American legal system is not like what they told you in schoolbooks when you were a child. It is not like the way they picture it in Hollywood movies, or on USA television shows.

It is not like what you see in the news media, in a few cases when famous people are on trial, and millions of dollars are being spent, and TV cameras are rolling, and reporters from around the world are watching everything that happens. Judges and lawyers behave very differently in those small number of legal cases that get high publicity.

Amidst the vast majority of American legal cases, below the media radar screen, what happens is often sordid and sleazy. Sometimes judges and lawyers commit crimes in broad daylight. Judges ignore the facts, ignore the law, ignore the truth, and ignore justice. Lawyers cut sleazy deals and sell out their own clients. Bribery is commonplace.

There are courtrooms where judges and lawyers scream like lunatics at their victims, where judges and lawyers tell lies and plant false evidence, and no one says a word to fight them. Innocent people get sentenced to prison, or even to be strapped to a table and put to death; or people are told they will be sent to jail unless they pay extortion money to friends of the judge. Judges are hiring thugs to engage in extortion and intimidation of other people, to cover for their own bribery corruption. Fake 'show trials' are held, where both 'sides' of lawyers collude with the judge against the target victim - someone perhaps like yourself.

The best way for rich people to get away with committing felony crimes in America, is to bribe and induce judges to be part of their criminal gang. This makes the crimes harder to pursue, because they almost never prosecute a judge, even when there is clear proof the judge is a criminal, out of their wish to hide that the whole system is crooked.

Yes, it is really that bad.

Unlike what people imagine, most legal cases are never even allowed to get to a jury - the judges make sure of that. People are crushed and destroyed, threatened and sentenced, denied access to their families and children, and lose everything they have and own, without any jury ever hearing what they had to say.

America brags about having the 'rule of law', but this does not mean that the law is taken seriously. All it means is that there are people with the title of 'judges' and 'lawyers' involved, whilst you are being railroaded and denied your rights, whilst your family is destroyed, whilst your life is ruined, and your freedoms are trampled by a court. The 'rule of law' is just a propaganda phrase that covers for rule by lawyers who are often gangsters.

The reality of American courts is an immense tragedy and catastrophe, a tragedy mostly un-reported in the news media. (See below on why USA media are quiet about crooked judges and lawyers.) There are millions of victims, with stories that are largely hidden, their suffering suppressed or obscured by big news media organisations. Some of these victims are under gag orders or bans on their freedom of speech, but many of these stories are out on the internet for you to see, sometimes even despite the gag orders. But don't expect to find these stories easily, the internet search companies often hide the truth for their own purposes, and judges are quickly tempted to issue 'orders to Google' to hide their own wrong-doing.

Because these stories are not prominent on the TV news or in the major newspapers, most people who are not yet victims - maybe like yourself, before you became a victim - because of that, most people tend to believe what they have been told, about living in a 'free country' with 'justice in the courts', supposedly the 'greatest legal system in the world'.

It is natural to believe this propaganda, it is human nature for Americans to accept these stories. But it is not the truth about the USA legal system. It is scary to confront that truth, to face the real facts about fraud and injustice in America's courts. But if you dig deeper, you come to find many particular cases and examples, which show you the real truth about what is going on in USA courts these days.

Judges in America are obsessed with controlling media about themselves, and hiding their misconduct. Via their decisions and decrees and orders, and also their rantings and ravings of malicious anger, are tools of propaganda against people who are victims of the legal system. Whatever courts and judges declare - however lying and false - is what everyone is allowed to talk about and repeat. No matter how dishonest, criminal, slanderous, or unjust, statements made by the judge are 'okay to publish' over and over again, particularly in major media. On the other hand, statements of a private person - especially if critical of a judge or court - are things that carry much less weight. Media often refuse to publish such statements, out of fear the judges will hit back at those media or their owners. With big Western internet search and social media companies mostly USA-centred, USA courts are able to dominate the picture of reality presented by media, who easily fall into the role of being USA judicial corruption partners and enablers.

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3. What about the grievance procedures for dishonest and criminal judges?

For both federal and state courts in the USA, you find some theoretical grievance procedures for misconduct by judges. You can often even find instructions as to what forms to file and where to file them. But, in the end, nearly all of this is a joke, a farce, and a fraud on American people.

Nearly all such complaints are kept secret, permanently. Some jurisdictions have even made it an offence to talk about the fact that you have filed a complaint against a judge. Angry judges often itch to show their power with a 'contempt of court jailing' - which in cases in the USA have lasted as long as 14 years.

The judges read these complaints, and pass them around to each other, and maybe even laugh and joke about them. Sometimes the judges have little private talks with each other, and suggest strategies so as to not be so blatantly obvious in their offences in the future.

The judges almost never take any official action on these complaints, regardless of how much evidence you have submitted. The complaints are rejected, and they tend to not even reply to the victim. If a reply is made, it is to dismiss the complaint, with a remark that the complainant is a "disgruntled litigant", or with some technicality or other being invented to jettison the complaint.

Also, it can be nearly impossible to get a lawyer to help you file such misconduct charges - see below on why lawyers are afraid of revenge by the judges. But even with a lawyer making the complaint for you, the outcome would be the same: Nearly all complaints ignored or dismissed.

In 2004, there was even appointed a national judicial ethics panel of the United States Supreme Court, with a Supreme Court judge as chairman. This became yet another group stonewalling on judicial corruption, so you could send in complaints and have them ignored right at the very top.

USA judges look out very nicely for each other. On the other hand, judges who would dare to expose bribery and misconduct by other judges, can be attacked and driven out of office on trumped-up accusations. That is one reason the judges and government collect all those complaints - they are permanent blackmail, a 'control file', a weapon that can be deployed at any time to destroy a judge who does not accept the corruption of fellow judges and the rich oligarchy.

Judges are jealous of their own sense of power, which is diminished every time a judicial scandal is exposed. So judges think it is better to cover up for any crimes by fellow judges, lest they lose whatever respect they have remaining, amongst people who don't know any better.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

4. What about the local Bar or Bar association - Aren't they supposed to go after crooked lawyers and judges?

Sadly, when you are a victim of corruption by judges and lawyers, the Bar ethics bodies who regulate lawyers, are often worse than useless, and help to cover up for crimes by lawyers and judges. These 'Bar legal ethics' people are an important part of maintaining the American culture of bribery and judicial misconduct.

 The right to practice law is obtained by being 'admitted to the Bar', the professional guild of lawyers, in each state or federal district. Sadly, that 'Bar' tends to be run by the local mafia of rich dominant lawyers and their judge friends, and the typical attitude is to cover up for crimes and offences by lawyers and judges. It is only when the lawyer's misconduct offends rich and powerful people, or the local legal mafia, or is so outrageous it gets known in the media, that the lawyer is sanctioned.

Even worse, it is sometimes the brave and honest lawyers who are punished and expelled from the Bar and lose their law licence ... whilst gangster corrupt lawyers remain in good standing.

In each US state you are presented with procedures on how to file a complaint against a dishonest lawyer, which you present to the Bar, or to the particular lawyers' supervision body given this role. But just as with the complaint procedures about judges, these procedures are largely a joke, a farce and a fraud on the American people.

You may be amazed to see how fast the Bar sends you a letter back, claiming there is 'no action warranted' on your complaint, even though you may have submitted total clear proof of felony crimes by a lawyer, who maybe cheated you out of massive funds or helped hide the information that you were innocent. And if you have a complaint about the corruption at the Bar legal ethics body? Well, of course, you can take your complaint to a court and a judge, with the crooked lawyers and judges joining together to laugh at your helplessness.

So the 'lawyer complaint procedures' become one more brick in the wall of corruption, one more brick in the wall of lies trying to deny the truth of what happened to you as a legal system victim.

In the USA, lawyers are more or less under the direct personal control of the judges, more than their fellow lawyers. With over a million lawyers in the USA - over 1.3 million, according to some recent calculations - it seems that the mass of under-employed, low-income lawyers should be able to unite against the gangsters - but any lawyer trying to organise anything like this would be quickly destroyed - for 'violating bar ethics' of course, and likely for 'contempt of court' too.

This is different from other advanced nations, where lawyers are often admitted to practice by their fellow lawyers. So, in other countries, lawyers are not so directly under the thumb of judges who may be crooked.

Given that judges in America are too often involved in misconduct and fraud and bribery, and that these judges also control the Bar, that means your complaint about dishonest lawyers, are going right to the same judges who are involved in bribery with the crooked lawyers. The judges laugh along with their gangster lawyer friends, because the joke is on the public.

The lawyers who are 'disciplined' by the Bar are mostly lawyers who have made the judges angry in some way - lawyers who dared to expose corruption; lawyers involved in bribery without giving the judges their proper share; political radicals or minority lawyers who have caused trouble for the judges and politicians; or lawyers whose crimes became so well known that the Bar feels it has to pretend to do something.

The one thing that happens to your complaint about a lawyer, is that it is kept in a file, a 'control file' for use in lifelong blackmail and extortion of that lawyer. Although maybe nothing is done at the moment to help you as a legal system victim, if that lawyer ever in the futue becomes uppity, and tries to say or do something without permission of the local political or judicial mafia - well then, all of a sudden, your ancient complaint will suddenly be 'interesting', and they may use it to help destroy the lawyer, take away his law licence and bankrupt him, maybe even jail him.

But it is usually an empty hope, to think you will get justice, by means of filing a Bar complaint against a dishonest lawyer, even if he is openly and provably committing serious felonies. The law, the truth, the facts, the evidence, and justice itself, are all usually irrelevant. What matters is the way the lawyer in question is politically and financially connected to the judges and to the mafia of the oligarchy.

The Bar Associations, or lawyers' unions, do not have power independent of the judges, and their members can be quickly sued, criminally charged, and have their law licences suspended or revoked. So they accept the system as it is, and join in the cover-up of offenses by other lawyers.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3, or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

5. Why is it so hard to find a lawyer to fight legal or judicial corruption, why are all the lawyers afraid to help me?

A typical experience in battle against judicial or legal wrongdoing, is that it becomes almost impossible to find a lawyer who will help you file lawsuits and complaints against judges, or against other lawyers - the lawyers are too afraid, even if you have hundreds of thousands available to pay legal fees.

Although in that case beware! Lawyers will play complex games to defraud you of your money, spending your funds on alleged 'research and review', or weak court filings avoiding the truth ... and then refuse to return your funds after they betrayed you and cheated you.

Honest lawyers, however, will simply refuse to help you out of fear. They may even get a phone call suddenly telling them to 'stay away' from you as a client.

One reason for this fear is because the judges and their friends in the rich-lawyer mafia, generally control the Bar in your state, giving them total instant control over whether a lawyer can keep his law licence. So the Bar can not only ignore the complaints about dishonest lawyers who are involved in crimes with judges, the Bar can also take instant revenge on the lawyers who dare to question corruption.

Lawyers who file complaints exposing judge or lawyer corruption, have been quickly stripped of their right to practice law, denied their livelihood and income and financially destroyed, and sometimes even criminally charged and sentenced to jail.

Sometimes the local Bar will even admit that talking about legal corruption, is a specific reason for taking away a lawyer's license to practice, 'contempt of court' and so on. The revenge can be quick and instant. The lawyer won't even be a lawyer long enough to represent you in court in the weeks after he made the 'mistake' of a court filing telling the truth.

Judges have many other ways to take revenge too. American judges love to abuse their 'contempt of court' privileges, and send a lawyer, or indeed anyone to jail, ordering the jailing right on the spot there in the courtroom, if a judge decides that person has been insufficiently submissive. You have a 'right of appeal' in a jail cell - but victims have been held in jail for 'contempt of court' for as long as 14 years in the USA, with no trial and no criminal conviction, just because the judge said so, and all the appeals judges played along with it.

What this means, is that America's army of over a million lawyers, is submissive to the control of some thousands of judges, who operate the rigged game which is America's legal system. The lawyers are genuinely in fear. Even the many lawyers who are unemployed, the lawyers who are broke and desperate for money, are afraid to fight a case if it involves exposing judicial or legal corruption. They have heard what happens, that they might never be able to work as a lawyer for the rest of their lives, and media and court records will show that they are a 'lawyer disbarred for misconduct'.

The small group of rich lawyers who make big money, and who run the various Bar and lawyers' associations, have accepted all of this, as the way that the 'game' is played. Lawyers who have direct contact with judges have accepted the threats and blackmail of the system.

Lawyers feel that the current structure of bribery and court fraud and blackmail, is what maintains the high incomes of some lawyers, helping lawyers to earn fees of $500 per hour and more. Rich people and companies pay this money because they are afraid of injustice, and they know that the fees are big enough to include the money for bribes to the judges.

Many lawyers - the more honest half - don't like the system, but they mostly keep their feelings private. Idividual lawyers cannot speak out about particular cases of bribery and fraud, because they know that revenge will likely be quickly taken against them.

Lawyers will line up by the dozen to help other crooked lawyers, and to help judges play bribery games and do personal harm to you. But if you have proof of lawyers or judges involved in crime and wrongdoing, lawyers in general will avoid you as if you have the plague.

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6. Aren't there lawyers who specialize in "legal malpractice" or misconduct by lawyers?

Theoretically, there are a few lawyers who advertise among their specialties, that they are interested in 'legal malpractice' cases. But you will almost certainly find this to be another dead end, as you search for a lawyer to help you.

Lawyers interested in 'legal malpractice' are only interested in defending and protecting lawyers who are accused of crimes and offences - they are not interested in exposing any wrongdoing by other lawyers.

Lawyers who say they are willing to sue other lawyers, are usually only willing to file such lawsuits if it is all right with the judges first. If lawyers have already been publicly targeted as 'going rogue' - for example, stealing client funds and not paying the judges their share; of if the lawyer has become a political loud-mouth not in line with the oligarchy of rich people; or the lawyer is otherwise 'being stupid' and 'not playing the game by the rules' - then, yes, the lawyer can be sued.

But if the lawyer has committed crimes that are fully approved by some judges, or has been serving the high oligarchy of very rich people - in such cases other lawyers will be in fear to speak of facts and evidence. Lawyers who commit crimes in collusion and partnership with judges are usually home free, with other lawyers too terrified to oppose them.

So the first question of a 'legal malpractice' lawyer, is whether some judge, or powerful politician, is already angry at the lawyer in question, and wants to take revenge on the lawyer - in that case the 'legal malpractice' lawyer might be willing to help you. A few narrow types of cases fall into this category - like lawyers who have missed a filing deadline in a personal injury lawsuit, thereby depriving other lawyers and judges of legal fees and bribery money.

The lawyers, and the judges supporting them, will also tolerate a few lawsuits about legal misconduct, where the lawyers have engaged in malpractice or misconduct that hurts the big corporations or their shareholders. The judges and lawyers don't care about average citizens, but they do care about big corporations, shareholders, and wealthy people, so they consider evaluating whether a lawyer has provided good service to big corporations and wealthy people, which the judges see as the primary work of all USA lawyers.

Over decades, the US legal system has been built this way on purpose. On the one hand, Hollywood movies and TV sell a very fake picture of the 'great American legal system', so that people without experience of it think there is some justice in it. On the other hand, the system has evolved to work as a mafia of control, so that common people can be easily crushed and thwarted, often unable to get justice for themselves when their lives are being destroyed by the rich and powerful.

As far as the average citizen goes, the average legal system victim, you can pretty much forget about even the so-called 'legal malpractice' lawyers. No matter how clearly you can prove felony crimes by some evil lawyers and judges, the 'legal malpractice' lawyers will almost never help you.

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Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3, or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

7. I read about crazy lawsuits for trivial reasons where people win money - so why can't I find a lawyer to fight serious issues of legal corruption?

It's true that there are lots of bogus, malicious, and perverted lawsuits filed in America, for all sorts of trivial and dishonest reasons. And it's true that some of these lawsuits even win money, where somebody gets a big pile of money for some silly complaint.

But that doesn't mean you will be able to get legal help to fight a crooked lawyer or judge, even though you have massive proof of misconduct and felony crime by the lawyers and the judges.

The legal profession likes the media to tell all those general lawsuit stories. They like the way these stories create terror among people and small businesses, and help induce people to pay more money for lawyers.

The legal profession also likes the media to tell the stories of a few people who win millions of dollars in lawsuits. It is just like in gambling casinos, where the casino will very proudly announce that someone has won a huge jackpot. A few people win big, but most people will lose, and the stories of a few people hitting the 'jackpot' give false hope to all the many people who lose money.

Also, many people who win lots of money in a lawsuit, are people who have serious injuries and medical problems, and who need to spend all that money on America's hugely expensive medical care system.

Lawyers also like to create the impression that, 'You can find a lawyer to sue anybody for almost anything'. This, however, is a lie. It's true that you can find lawyers to file all sorts of silly, worthless and dishonest lawsuits, but only against certain targets.

If you want to make up some lies and sue a doctor or a hospital, lawyers will jump out of the woodwork to help you. If you want to make up some lies and sue a small business, a business that doesn't have any political connections, lawyers will be glad to take your money and play this game along with you. If you want to harass your poor neighbor down the street, and your neighbor doesn't have political protectors, lawyers will be glad to take your money and play the lawsuit game.

But if you want to sue a big powerful company with political connections, lawyers start to slow down a bit. They might take your money and file a lawsuit against that kind of company, but they will start to be a little timid about what they do. And they well might pocket your money, and then take a bribe from the lawyers for the big company to sabotage your case, your lawyer knowing in advance that he will betray you, and you will lose, even as he cashes the first cheque you pay him.

If you want to file a lawsuit against some politician or the government, now things really start to slow down. Lawyers, even broke lawyers desperate for money, will start to walk on eggshells here. They might be willing to file some sort of general administrative lawsuit about this or that, but they also will be very hesitant to expose real wrongdoing by some powerful official, politician or government agency, unless the big corporate media tied to the oligarchy, is itself making a target of that government official. Sometimes, there is a standard framework encouraging the lawyers, such as in charges of police brutality, allowing the lawyers to make claims. But overall, lawyers often hesitate before taking legal action against the government, and will first check to see if higher powers won't be angry at them.

But if you want to sue another lawyer, or file some lawsuit that exposes the misconduct of a dishonest judge, then you will likely hear: No way, buster! This is the territory of career suicide for a lawyer. He might end up losing his license to practice law, and both the lawyer and you might wind up in jail on phony charges. You can keep on asking several thousand lawyers, like other people have done, and yet never find a single lawyer who is willing to file a lawsuit against another lawyer who is crooked. You can have lots of money, and total proof of crime by the guilty lawyers, and yet you may never find a lawyer to truly help you.

That's the reality of 'how the game is played' in the USA legal system.

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Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3, or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

8. I had a lawyer in my original legal case, but he acted weak, timid and stupid in the courtroom, he didn't try to strongly defend me - Why was that?

USA lawyers live in perpetual fear of the judge-lawyer mafia that can instantly end their career. The fear of judges also changes their legal behavior in regular legal cases, too, even cases that don't seem (at first) to involve judicial or legal corruption.

When you talk with a lawyer in his office, you may hear him or her talk about all sorts of wonderful things the lawyer promises to do for you - all sorts of countersuits that will be filed, all sorts of things the lawyer will say to defend you. The lawyer can sound like a smart, caring, effective person.

But then you may find, when it comes to the actual legal filings, or the lawyer's performance in the courtroom, your lawyer is suddenly a wimp and an idiot. He or she only argues about trivial matters, and forgets to mention the most important evidence about why you are innocent or right.

The reason for this, is that much of what goes on in American courtrooms is phoney and fake, with the outcome decided in advance by the judge and the lawyers. Lawyers don't really work for their clients, in the way they pretend when they are trying to get your money.

The real allegiance of lawyers is to the legal system itself - the legal system that gives them a job, and provides them the opportunity to take money from clients and victims. But the price of that opportunity, is being willing to betray or abandon that client, whenever the judicial-legal mafia wants that to happen.

So the ultimate loyalty of lawyers is not to the client. Their loyalty is channelled through judges, into service for the government or 'deep state', or for the rich people or corporations who pay big bribes.

Even though you might have given a lot of money to 'your' lawyer, the judge might have gotten a really big bribe from the other side. The judge may even have received instructions or threats. In the USA, sometimes even federal judges get shot dead on the street, after they make a few 'wrong' rulings not helping the rich and powerful. This is part of why the big corporations usually win their cases against the little person.

Your lawyer is more like a crooked television pro wrestler, who gets paid to 'take a dive', to intentionally lose, in a rigged, pre-arranged wrestling match. He pretends to fight a little bit, then he lays down while the judge / referee counts to 10.

Lawyers are submissive to the judges in the way that they present their cases. If the judge doesn't want to hear something, the lawyer will try to avoid presenting those facts or arguments. Hence, very often, the truth is never spoken, the motion is never filed, the claims are not made, the facts are not presented. The person whom you imagine is 'your' lawyer, trims and narrows the presentation to make it pleasing to the judge, and to the forces of wealth, power and government that the judge represents. Your lawyer may well be bribed by the other side's lawyers, to help him along in betraying you.

If the lawyers don't play along with this game, they may suffer the destruction of their careers, or even be railroaded into prison.

This is also how so many poor people and minorities are sent to prison, even though they are completely innocent. They are shoved into accepting a 'plea bargain', with no jury trial, by the lies and deceptions of a 'public defender' lawyer, who is trying to hold onto his job. If the 'public defender' does not cooperate with the judge and prosecutors in railroading poor people into jail, he can be pushed out of work, or even suffer worse revenge, like being disbarred or jailed on false charges himself.

In lawsuits between people and big companies, the big corporations and rich people who pay for the bribes, may not even specifically talk about bribery with their lawyer. They hire a lawyer with "connections", pay him $500 an hour or whatever he asks, and don't ask any questions about the details. The lawyers themselves have lots of cash floating around in their pockets, and wait for a discreet moment to pass it to the judge. If you have a chance to talk frankly with USA lawyers, they will acknowledge bribery is commonplace.

A big difference between the USA and developing countries, is that in poorer countries the bribes are more obviously paid directly to public officials. The USA is 'more sophisticated', in that the bribes are often passed through the lawyers and law firms. The USA also involves significantly 'delayed' bribes to public officials. Maybe the FBI director doesn't receive cash whilst in the job, but afterwards, the law firms whose bribery and corruption he indulged, give him a job paying many hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Often, the judge and the lawyers agree among themselves about how it's all going to 'go down', with the end result decided in advance, and as a legal system victim, you merely hear the result of what the gangsters tell you is 'the best deal possible', according to 'your' lawyer, whose job is to sell the deal to you, threatening you if necessary, and compel you to go along. 'Your' lawyer may well begin to threaten or intimidate you, even describe how you will be killed in a fake accident or suicide, if you do not go along. If a lawyer tries to fight this system, the lawyer and the client both, might be quickly crushed and destroyed. American lawyers learn quickly that they must 'play the game' if they are to survive at all, and they are shown the stories of the lawyers who lost their law licence in their own neighbourhood.

There are lawyers who wish they could help people more. But they find themselves too afraid to take the actions they know should be taken, to really defend and fight for their clients. America's lawyers are themselves in fear, trained to be submissive and timid to America's judges and mafia 'bar ethics' groups, as the only way to get the rewards of a legal career.

In fact, it is essentially impossible to find radical, bold, brave lawyers like there were in an earlier day, or like you imagine from television and movies. The author of this FAQ is living proof of that. The judges don't allow honest, brave lawyers to survive very long. Such lawyers have been successfully suppressed, disbarred, jailed, or otherwise intimidated and constrained.

That is why when you try to confront judicial and legal corruption, you are usually very much alone and without any legal help.

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9. What about prosecutors and police - won't the prosecutors or the FBI go after crooked lawyers and judges?

This is another frustrating dead end in your search for justice. In theory, the local district attorney, or the police, or the federal prosecutors and the FBI, should all be going after crooked lawyers and judges.

But you will find that these people usually have no interest in going after crooked lawyers and judges, no matter how clear and devastating the proof of crime that you present to them. They may even give you back the evidence and refuse to accept it, so they can pretend later that they never saw it and don't have it.

One of the sad things about life in America, is that average citizens are in part denied the right to bring criminal complaints against other people. You aren't allowed to yourself bring criminal charges of extortion and fraud against a lawyer, unless a prosecutor or other magistrate or official 'approves' of prosecuting your accusations. You can 'make a complaint' in some ways, but there is no real effective power to make them do anything about it.

In theory but not in practice, the law claims to give you some means to start a prosecution going. In the case of federal law - which often applies to legal system victims, given your constitutional rights have been violated - you have the 'right' to request a federal grand jury of common citizens, to listen to your evidence of crime. But if you do make this demand as allowed by law, you may find that they prosecutors just stall and delay. To make the prosecutor do his job, you of course have the option - yes, you guessed it - to go to a judge. Good luck with that, given that judges and prosecutors are essentially in the same mafia together. The prosecutor as well, often wouldn't hestitate to advise the grand jury that your allegations are crazy and unfounded, and no one should listen to you.

So what you tend to find is that public officials cover up for crimes by their special friends, the lawyers and judges. This is all part of the 'game'. The police and prosecutors, after all, depend on crooked lawyers and judges to succeed in their own work. Many of Americans more than 2 million prisoners who are now in America's jails, are innocent, railroaded into jail on flimsy evidence, on unreliable testimony from criminal snitches, or by a plea bargain induced by extortion threats coming from the corrupt 'public defender' lawyer.

For poor and especially minorities, jailing on false charges are a common reality. For middle-class people, there is a common experience of being cheated out of money, or railroaded in a corrupt divorce proceeding. Very sadly, middle-class people cheated by lawyers and judges out of money, often fail to understand how often minorities are arrested when innocent.

A crime is committed, and police and prosecutors often arrest somebody, anybody, who they feel 'probably did something bad some other time if not this crime'. Youth in poor minority neighbourhoods know that innocent people like themselves get arrested ... and so they wonder, why not be a criminal and enjoy life a little, if I'm likely to be arrested or jailed someday anyway?

Lawyers and judges are the people who help the police and prosecutors do their dirtiest work. There is lots of mutual back-scratching here. Judges and lawyers help cover up for crimes and misconduct by police and prosecutors; in return, police and prosecutors help cover up for crimes by judges and lawyers. It is an old, ancient game, and the players are all familiar with the rules.

Occasionally there is a prosecution of some lawyer or low-level judge for some crime, but this is usually when that person has become a wild card, who went too far, or didn't play by the established rules, maybe got too greedy in exceeding the quiet system of influence and bribery. But sometimes it is exactly because that lawyer or judge tried to fight the system or not play along, that they are being railroaded on some accusation. News reports rarely tell the real story of what is going on behind the scenes.

But for the average person who has clear proof of felony crimes by a lawyer or judge, the police and prosecutors and FBI are usually not interested. They will simply put the material in their files, and not do anything about it ... unless the judge or lawyer later becomes a political target, unrelated to how they made a victim out of you.

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10. Is it true that once I become a victim of judicial and legal corruption, I basically become an "outlaw" to the whole legal system in America?

Sadly, yes. There is no person more isolated in the American legal system, than someone who is a victim of legal and judicial corruption and who has started to complain about it, or shown any signs that he or she is aware of the crooked game that is being played.

By complaining about dishonest lawyers and judges, you may no longer have any shred of safety left in your life inside America. The judges and lawyers and police will make you, in the ancient sense of the word, an 'outlaw', outside the law, where it is open season for anyone to do harm to you, and no lawyer or judge or police officer will ever protect you.

Murderers and rapists can find a lawyer - no problem at all. Lawyers love to have clients who are guilty of serious crimes, sleazy clients who want to cut a 'deal' with the system.

But if you are an innocent person who has complained about a lawyer or a judge, or who has shown signs of even being aware of dishonesty or corruption in the legal system, then you are in great danger, and may already be an 'outlaw' to America's lawyers and courts. You may be an outlaw not only in the particular legal case where you complained about corruption, but in any future legal case of any kind at all. You might find yourself totally without legal help in unrelated legal matters, because you have now become fair game for all gangsters and criminals as well as the government.

You might be arrested on false criminal charges, and find that no lawyer wants to help you. Other people can wreck your house and steal money from you, and you may find that no lawyer will dare come forward to help protect your rights.

If you had a past record of robbing banks or harming children, sure, lawyers will help you, no problem. But if you have a past record of complaining about lawyers and judges, then you are alone, and lawyers and judges will sit back and watch and laugh while you are victimised. And lawyers themselves may start lining up to cheat you and steal your money, making false promises and then immediately betraying you after cashing your cheque, lawyers knowing that you are helpless to fight back, and that judges and the Bar will be supporting them in the theft of your funds.

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11. Is it just a question of money - could I fix things if I had some money?

Surprisingly enough, even fairly large piles of money, are not enough to fight legal corruption.

You may initially have become a victim of malice by judges and lawyers, in part because you didn't have much money. Lawyers maybe told you they couldn't help you, because you didn't have money. But you will find that even if you win the lottery and get a large pile of money, you often still cannot hire any lawyers to really fight wrongdoing in USA courts and law firms.

It is nothing less than an iron wall of corruption with America's judges and lawyers. Lawyers are nearly always frightened away from representing you or helping you, if you are someone who has exposed or criticised wrongdoing amongst judges or well-connected lawyers, and that doesn't change because you can afford to pay legal fees.

However, if you do have or come into some money, you indeed can find lawyers who will defraud you and steal your money, but not truly represent you and fight for you. One way they do this is by the common 'research and review' scam. A sleazy lawyer fleecing a legal corruption victim, might first claim that you must pay him to 'evaluate the issues'. He takes a large pile of money, and writes a useless 'legal memorandum' he puts together from legal database sources, telling you there is this issue and that issue and blah-blah-blah, but in the end he refuses to help you, and all you have is a useless 'memorandum' as a result of the lawyer's fraud.

Another way a lawyer will steal your money is by making false promises to you, even giving you a phony written contract, and then just pocketing your money. Once he cashes your cheques, the lawyer then begins abusing you and backing out on his promises. He refuses to do work for you or file the lawsuits he promised, he suddenly tells you that you must keep quiet about bribery and corruption, and meanwhile he keeps all your money because of all his 'legal work' and 'research' on your case. And then of course the judges and the 'bar ethics' bodies will support the lawyer in stealing your money, perhaps getting a bribe out of the funds the lawyer cheated out of you.

America really has two legal systems using the same courts. One system is for rich people and big corporations, and those who can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees and bribes. It has been said that the only people who can really truly 'fight' the legal system on somewhat equal terms - especially if false criminal charges are involved - are those who have 10 million dollars.

The other USA 'legal system' is for everybody else, who are simply pawns in the big legal 'game'. The average middle class or poor person, simply doesn't matter very much to judges and lawyers. You are just an object for the others to knock around whilst they pursue their career and earn money and bribes.

But even people who are wealthy, or big wealthy corporations, cannot directly fight the legal culture of bribery and corruption. Even lawyers for big corporations, are too scared to expose bribery and fraud by other lawyers and judges. They lose their jobs, companies and law firms are quietly advised not to dare hire such  people, and maybe they lose their law licence too.

Even a big corporation, confronted with bribery, will simply file complex appeals on technical issues, and hire other expensive lawyers who may bribe other judges, and make a bunch of political donations, to create the political and judicial incentives so as to get the initial bad results reversed or limited in some way.

Even the richest people in the USA have been targeted with legal actions after they did or said something against their brothers and sisters in the USA billionaire oligarchy. When they submit and start to 'behave' again, cases are dropped and investigations come to an end.

A business knows that if it speaks up about dishonest judges, it will have a bad time in the courts from other judges in the future. It will start losing big lawsuits, and may even be wiped out or destroyed, as judges take revenge on the company.

It is not 'law' that holds sway in USA courts, it is just as often a mafia 'under colour of law', operating with a legal veneer, a machine that serves the rich who are politically-connected, and destroys and damages the common people whom the oligarchy is willing to have robbed or destroyed. They want you to 'believe' in the USA legal system up until the time you actually need justice from it ... and then when you do have a day in court, they want you to be sufficiently intimidated and afraid, you do what you are told by lawyers who may be gangsters working behind the scenes with bribed judges, rich people, or the government. 

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12. Why doesn't someone fight this whole big crooked system - What is keeping all of this going?

To understand American legal corruption, it's necessary to go into a deeper understanding of how the machinery of American society really works - who has power, and why they use it that way. This is a big and complex question, about which many books can be written, and which can be looked at in different ways. But here are some short summaries to help you initially understand why the American judicial system has become the mess that it is.

As for 'someone' to fight this system, there have long been many little 'someones' trying to fight this battle. Sometimes, you can find such people on the internet, even though you may not have heard about them before you yourself became a legal system victim. The first decade of the new millennium, the 00s, when there was less pro-oligarch internet censorship by the major search engines, in particular saw a very worthy 'Jail 4 Judges' movement across the country, bringing victims together, and seeking to do something about America's terrifying and catastrophic legal system, against immense odds.

There are still people trying to fight this battle. But overall, there is no big powerful 'someone', with big money and influence and lawyers and media coverage, who is willing and able to fight this system as it now stands.

In America right now, two giant institutions are breaking down at the same time. One is the legal and court system, with the moral collapse of America's lawyers, now submissive to America's judges and to the culture of legal corruption.

The second institution that is breaking down, is that of the big news media organisations and internet platforms, the news media now very timid, and not covering much of the news that people need and want to hear.

Lawyers are afraid, journalists are afraid, and so the real story about America's courts is not getting told. America is a land of great fear. This needs to be understood in more detail, so you can understand why the judges have such power and control, and why judicial corruption is so rampant.

A good question to start analysing power and corruption, is to ask the classic question from ancient Rome - Cui bono? Who benefits from this corruption?

With judicial and legal misconduct, clearly the judges and the rich lawyers benefit from it. An unfair system that involves bribery and influence peddling, makes the judges and leading lawyers richer. They get a lot more money than they would in a fair system. The more injustice in America, the more fear that clients have, the more money they will pay to lawyers. Fear and injustice equals money for lawyers and judges.

Lawyers who are able to bribe judges and influence court results, know that people with cash will pay large money for such 'legal service', when big money is a reliable way to get results that you want, overwhelming the law and the facts and justice itself. If the system was fair, the little guy or victim would win more often. On the other hand, a bribery system, will tend to give more reliable results for the rich people who are paying the big fees and bribery money.

And partly it is just the ancient human emotion of the quest for power. A dishonest judge feels more powerful than an honest one. It is one thing to decide a legal case; it is another all together, to fix and rig the system for yourself and your friends. It can make people feel almost like a god, to twist and pervert the system and the USA Constitution. Pride and the lust for power, are ancient human emotions, especially for people who are drawn to politics, like judges.

In the USA and in Anglo-heritage societies in general, people grow up thinking that judges are the ultimate power. So people who seek power, want to become judges. And then how much more powerful you can feel as a judge, to twist and rig the whole game. Especially when you know that other judges are twisting and rigging the game too. And that judges can wind up shot dead on the street if they don't play the game with the others.

But we need to look more deeply, beyond the judges and lawyers themselves, to see who is benefiting from the current crooked USA legal system, and why the system keeps going. And this of course is the oligarchy, seeking control of a nation and society, and the ability to crush any threat to the own wealth and power and dominance, in having things their own way. See the following questions for more on this.

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13. But with the judges so out of control in America, aren't there rich people and political groups that have even more power than the judges?

Why is nobody powerful trying to stop the judges and lawyers from abusing people? It seems like there should be a group from amongst the USA billionaires - or the larger group of people with 100 million dollars or more - who should be able to create a great popular movement for judicial reform.

If the judges were not serving the billionaires well as a group, it is certain that the billionaires would mount a large media-driven 'judicial reform' movement. But one or a few billionaires who are wronged by the system, are not enough - they would be crushed and destroyed by the other billionaires, who can weaponise the power of the US government, the Justice Department and above all the federal judges.

Three of the richest people in the USA - each of whom has at times been the 'richest person in the world', not just the USA - Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and my own Harvard undergraduate classmate, Bill Gates - have all been 'hit' with various damaging actions by the USA governmental and judicial apparatus. At one point, Warren Buffett was menaced with an 'investigation' of aspects of his companies, touching on him personally. Bill Gates was menaced with an anti-trust break-up of Microsoft, ironic given that it was an anti-trust action against IBM that put into Gates' hands the computer operating system for the DOS-Windows computer family. And Jeff Bezos was recently squeezed into paying tens of billions to ex-wife in a divorce, making her the richest woman in the world.

All three of these billionaires came from politically-connected families. Buffett's father was a 1940s US Congressman associated with the establishment of the USA nuclear war command centre in his home state. Bill Gates' father was a deeply-politically-involved insider lawyer. Jeff Bezos' grandfather was a key figure for years in the USA nuclear and security apparatus.

Yet, each of these billionaires, appeared to submit to the judicial-government 'system' as the price of continuing to grow and expand their wealth. The actions against Buffett and Gates were both dropped, after which both seemed to become less critical of the establishment way of doing things. Jeff Bezos paid up the tens of billions to his ex-wife, unable to 'rig' the divorce court system as people of much lesser wealth seem to have been able to do.

Although it seems that a billionaire is a 'free man or woman', any of them can be taken down by a concerted set of government investigations and legal actions, if they rub against the billionaire consensus of what rich people are supposed to do. And sometimes they simply just must pay a 'tax', to be a role model for others. Jeff Bezos paid tens of billions to his ex-wife, and now every judge in the USA can say, 'Even Jeff Bezos had to pay billions to his ex-wife, so you must pay too!' And after Jeff Bezos paid, he was allowed to become even richer, making even more extra tens of billions than he lost in the divorce case.

If a billionaire really started to go after the gangster judges by funding a judicial reform movement, you can bet he would suddenly have lots of 'problems'. Accusations. Investigations. Lawsuits. Loss of favour for his businesses in internet search results. And on and on. He could even be killed if the other oligarchs thought that was the way to solve the problem.

Billionaires - richest in the world - have been made bankrupt by trying to fight the system, as happened to the Hunt brothers in their silver acquistions and trading of the 1970s-80s. The Hunts were warned, but refused to listen to the warning, and then were destroyed by 'sudden changes in the rules' affecting their loans and investments, and were eventually convicted of various offences, much of their great wealth turning into vapour once the system went after them.

In the USA and many other nations, there are said to be three 'branches' of government: The judiciary branch of judges; the executive branch of the President and state governors; and the legislative branch under congress and the various state legislatures. Two main political parties, Democrats and Republicans, control nearly everyone in government throughout the USA, with just a handful of exceptions, a few libertarians and the odd socialist and so on. But nearly all judges, the President and governors, and nearly all legislators, are members of these two big parties.

It is not well-known but the USA Constitution actually made Congress Supreme over all judges, even the Supreme Court. The Constitution says that if such judges do not have "good behaviour", they can be removed, via impeachment by the Congress House and trial by the USA Senate ordering their removal.

However, that power is almost never used, despite how the Chairman of the US Congress House Judiciary Committee - who would initiate impeachment proceedings against judges - should be much more powerful and significant than he is. In practice in the USA, the judges are the highest or supreme branch. The President has more raw power in his hands, but he still winds up under the courts in the way government practice has been structured, and we see federal judges continually 'order' a stop to something the President was doing. Weaker still are the legislators. The Congress passes laws, but is not as powerful as the President, or the courts, since the judges can nullify or re-interpret the laws.

Yet this weakest-in-practice branch of government, the bodies of individual legislators, is the one closest to the people. The President is more distant, and the most distant of all are the judges. So the in-practice highest powers, are the most distant from the public.

Founding Americans such as Thomas Jefferson warned and feared that its 1789 Constitution was too weak about controlling the judges, and that eventually the judges would have too much power on behalf of rich oligarchs, a judicial tyranny. And it seems he was right.

Rich people prefer to have things dominated by judges, because the judges and their lawyer friends are by nature close to the rich people who are paying expensive lawyers, and can fund discreet bribery via those lawyers. In Anglo countries especially, the 'law' is like a fake religion, with the black-robed judges the 'priests'. In many religions you are not supposed to question the religious authorities, and in this fake USA religion of 'supreme law courts', you are not supposed to question the judges.

This is rather different from other advanced countries, where the parliaments or legislators are more in charge, because they directly represent the people, and the power of the people who have a 'right' to go into the streets and make a revolution, like in 1789 France. With that Napoleonic law tradition embodying the idea of revolutionary sovereignty by people, in Europe the parliament is usually more powerful than the executive, more often a prime minister rather than the president, or the judges. But in the USA, to a degree like few other places, the judges are on top of the heap, not the parliament or congress.

Even though in the USA the judges hold the highest political power, judges are yet the government group that people are supposed to be afraid to criticise. People are allowed to talk politics about the President or Congress, but are fearful and timid of saying things about the judges, who are help up as a quasi-religious icon of 'the law'.

Yet behind those judges, are the real biggest power in America, collectively worth trillions of dollars,  the big corporations, and the very wealthiest billionaires and multi-millionaires, the big investors who own those corporations. These corporations are more powerful than any individual or any branch of the government, and if they wanted, they could as a group change the way the government works.

These big corporations, with the billionaires and multi-millionaire investors, have effective ownership and funding and control of the important institutions in the United States. They own almost all of the major news media, nearly all the television and radio and newspapers, the dominant internet search and information portals and many internet sites, which Americans read as sources of news and information.

Corporations and wealthy people provide most of the money for both political parties - both the Democrats and the Republicans - yes, they are the sources of most of the money used by both of these two parties in their billion dollars of election campaigns. Both political parties get their money from a group of oligarchs who are well-acquainted with each other, and who keep each other in line with the overall oligarch agenda. Although some of these people and corporations tilt more to one party or another due to their thematic inclinations, it is often just merely friendly rivalry under the oligarch umbrella, as to which party's current themes are better for managing and advancing oligarch class interests.

The big corporations and billionaires and multi-millionaires, also supply the money for most of the big 'non-profit organisations' and think tanks, the organisations you see that have good funding, paid employees, and money to spend on fancy internet sites, fundraising and advertising. Wherever you turn in America for established information, or to observe well-funded political activity, you are usually running into something ultimately funded by America's biggest corporations and wealthiest people.

The power of the corporations and billionaires and multi-millionaires, are the real force behind the judges, and the current environment of unlimited judicial power. This is explored further below.

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14. How is the power of the big corporations in America, connected to the abuse of power by judges and lawyers?

So why don't the rich people and corporations keep the judges under control, and force them to be honest?

In talking about the power of the big corporations, and the billionaires and multi-hundred-millionaires, it isn't necessary to take sides on issues like market capitalism versus leftist social democracy, or the old-fashioned debate about what Americans call 'conservative' versus 'liberal' viewpoints.

What is involved here, is the monopoly power of rich companies and a few rich people, so concentrated that it has become huge and dangerous, and stifles free competition, personal independence, and human rights. It is what even USA Presidents, going back to Teddy Roosevelt, warned about as the dangerous power of 'trusts', cartels and monopolies. This also ties in to what US President Dwight Eisenhower warned against as the power of the 'military industrial complex', the big corporations and wealthy people receiving the trillions of 'national security' spending, whom he said might eventually control all branches and aspects of government, if people were not vigilant.

It is that kind of concentrated, monopoly power that is at issue here - not just the power of the judges and lawyers themselves as a monopoly, but the power of the corporations behind those judges and who set up the system as it now stands.

Of course it benefits judges themselves to operate a culture of almost naked and unrestrained power, where complaints about judges are only reviewed by other judges. It benefits the judges to have a system where the lawyers appearing in court must slavishly submit to the judges, and not dare expose corruption, or else instantly lose their ability to practice law, and maybe face jail under judge orders for 'contempt of court'. The system now is where USA judges can commit crimes and develop a culture of gang bribery, secure in the knowledge that they can cover up for themselves and any fellow judges who engage in bribery and misconduct.

The current game benefits the judges, and it benefits the group of wealthy lawyers who play dirty games with the judges and who buy influence with them. But all of that may not be enough to explain why the game keeps going on.

Over and over again, people cry out in private: Why doesn't 'somebody' do something about these crooked judges and lawyers? Why won't anyone help me? Why do the politicians, the police and everybody else, stay silent whilst all of this is going on?

Yes, theoretically, the legislators have the power to go after the judges. Theoretically, media could start publicising on the front page of the newspapers, and in the headlines of news broadcasts, all the terrible crimes being committed by judges and lawyers, all the stories of so many victims, with so much proof in written documents. If major media wished, they could publicise all those stories that are usually only found on obscure internet pages, written by people after they themselves have become victims. The media could talk about the giant hidden iceberg of USA court corruption, with hundreds of thousands of victims, and numbering in the millions when you count family members.

But nonetheless, all the millions of victims of the legal system are suffering, and finding that no one in power, no big political party or influential media organisation, is taking up their cause, beyond the very occasional hint of what is happening. Why not?

The answer ultimately lies in the power of the big corporations, and their billionaire and multi-millionaire investors. These powers, ultimately, like the current system as it is. It works for them, even though the average common person often gets run over by the big bus driven by the judges, known as the American legal system. These big corporations, who also own the media companies, and who also supply the money for your congress-people and legislators, like the system as it is. So all the people who get the big corporation and billionaire money - the media, the legislators, the prosecutors and state governors who run for office, as well as the lawyers - they all generally stay quiet about legal corruption, because they know that the current legal system is what is wanted by those big corporations and investors who have lots of cash to deploy, either for them or against them.

A 'fair' legal system, which made the little person equal to the big corporation, is obviously something dangerous to the corporations, causing the corporations not only to lose money, but even more important, to lose control. An unfair legal system - where only the richest can afford to play the game well - benefits the corporations greatly.

Almost no one in America can pay lawyers $500 an hour for months and months. But this is small change for big companies or billionaires, to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers. For rich psychopaths, it is a pleasure to spend millions on the most disgusting crimes, such as raping children, or racist threats and murder of innocent people.

And it is not just lawsuits and legal claims, which the big corporations and rich investors are worried about. It is control of all the machinery of government, control of democracy itself, that is secured by owning the legal system.

America is the nation in the world whose political system, is most controlled and owned by big corporations and investors. An unfair legal system, with lots of influence-buying and bribery, not only lets companies win their particular legal battles, in taking away the rights of the little person. It also prevents other kinds of protests and political activity that could threaten the big companies' profits and power. The working class and middle class people, can be kept submissive and in fear, afraid of ever trying to ask for their rights either in the court or in the political or media arenas.

So America's unfair legal system is an important tool by the rich, used to keep people shut up and quiet and fearful. Similarly, the monopoly ownership of America's media by the big companies keeps many Americans ignorant of things that are going on, the media hiding what the corporations do not want them to hear. This corporate control extends to the internet portal companies, the internet search engines and social media, all of whom play their part in hiding truth.

Americans are in terror of the law and the legal system, as just enough stories of people's lives being destroyed via the courts, are allowed to circulate in the media. If the average American is arrested, he already instinctively fears that he will be railroaded and sent to jail if he is not rich, and if he does not have several hundred thousand dollars to spend. If he is sued by a big company, the average person instinctively fears to lose everything he owns, and go bankrupt.

The legal system is used to quash, silence and destroy, and even imprison, little people who try to criticise big companies, rich people, and - of course - judges and lawyers. The legal system is used to attack and harass people who try to start independent political parties or reform movements, or engage in protest activity, and to crush independent writers and critics.

One big tool of destroying people's lives, is the whole farce of American courts on divorce and family law, the custody of children and alimony and divorce property disputes. By keeping millions of Americans tied up in years of legal hell and losing money to this system, working Americans are kept poor, and drained of energy and resources they could use for other activity, such as politics on behalf of the working class.

In a general demoralisation of the working and lower classes and especially minorities, America has built a giant gulag of prisons, with more than 2 million prisoners - approximately one-fourth, twenty-five percent, of all the prisoners in the entire world. The USA is now a big jailhouse, with something like 1 out of every 150 US citizens currently in prison, many of them innocent, especially minorities.

Some people like to talk about statistics of high crime amongst minorities. Well, one thing that can be said in response, is that for decades now, US prosecutors largely do not care if the person they arrest for the crime is guilty or innocent. A crime is committed, and the detectives will often arrest some 'rando' minority, some hapless black or Latino individual, and say to themselves, 'Well he probably did some other crime even if he didn't do this one.' If minority crime statistics are high, it is in part because the actual criminals who did crimes, are often not the one arrested. With poorer minority cases knowing well that innocent young men especially are arrested, others lose the incentive to be law-abiding.

Working class and minority Americans live in fear of being sent to jail on false and bogus charges, with fake evidence from crooked jailhouse snitches, who tell lies just to get a lighter sentence for themselves. Sometimes you learn that an innocent man was strapped to a table and put to death, on the basis of such flimsy crooked evidence.

Paradoxically, middle-class whites in the USA often think the jailing of blacks and Hispanics are all 'mostly legitimate', even tho they themselves have experiences of getting mauled and abused in USA courts, although more in lawsuit and divorce cases and cases involving money. Very tragically in these times of racial and social group tension, there is too little understanding that, for example, American whites and blacks and Latinos, are all victimised by the US legal system, although in somewhat different ways for the middle class and the poor amongst minorities.

By contrast, hardly anybody is in jail in Europe, and the crime rates are much lower, despite many European countries only jailing 1 out of 1000 people, instead of 1 out of 150 like in the USA. America imprisons a much higher percentage of people than China, Cuba or other countries that USA leaders like to criticise.

The average person in the USA is already at least subconsciously aware that the legal system is a terrifying monster. It's a frightening iron fist of corruption on what should have been a better nation.

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15. What kind of a deal is in place between America's judges and lawyers, on the one hand, and the corporations and multi-millionaires?

The legal system works well for the big corporations and investors and multi-millionaires and billionaires - they can play the legal "game" and often get what they want. On the other hand, the legal system works badly for the average person, the innocent man or woman who is getting financially destroyed or jailed, or banned from seeing children that they care for and love.

Some time ago in the USA, the decision was firmed up by the big powers of wealth that control America, to make the legal system the tool of control and fear of the American people. This began its current phase approximately in the 1970s, when the USA restored the death penalty after not using it for nearly 10 years, like other advanced nations. It was also about this time that the general fear of 'lawsuits' began to be fostered, making 'getting sued and bankrupted' a general fear for nearly every small business and middle-class individual on USA territory. And whereas before that time, the USA had very low percentages of its people in jail, more in line with Western Europe, the jailing of USA common people, especially minority young males, was ramped up heavily, until the USA became the biggest jailing nation in the world.

Since then, the system of increasing legal terrorism has worked very well for the oligarchy. It is an implicit deal of quiet understanding. You don't need to believe in a conspiracy, or any central control, to realise that slowly over time, a natural convergence of interest has come about, between the judges and lawyers on the one hand, and the corporations and wealthiest people on the other.

The deal goes something like this. The big corporations said, "Look here, judges, we will give you nearly total control over life in America. You will be supreme, in charge, you will get to bend and twist the law around any way you want. You will get to bend and twist the Constitution or any laws passed by the legislature, and the facts of any particular case, to suit your whims and preferences. You judges and lawyers can get filthy rich from all sorts of lawsuits and from bribery. You judges will even get to totally control America's lawyers, who will even be afraid to file papers or say things in court, without advance approval from you judges. You will be able to get instant revenge on lawyers who dare to question you, or who don't play along with your bribery games."

The corporations continued: "Everyone will be afraid of you judges, and no one will be able to question you and your lawyer friends, even when you commit crimes of fraud and extortion and bribery in broad daylight, and conduct fake trials. Even the legislators, whom we corporations also control through the money we give them to win elections, will not dare to impeach you. Everyone will spout little schoolbook phrases about 'the rule of law' and 'respecting the judgement of the court'. The big media organisations, whom we corporations also own and control, will be afraid to print news stories that expose the real workings of the law or the courts. You judges, and many of the lawyers who play the game with you, will be very rich, and very powerful. You will be the ultimate high agents of the American empire."

The corporations went on: "All you need to do is make sure that the American people stay under your thumb, and that you judges serve the big corporations and rich people on the really important big issues. You can sometimes let people win some lawsuits, especially some of those personal-injury cases that create such good legal fees and opportunities for bribery. The American people can look at the courts as a kind of casino, where they might win a million dollars, even though most people will really lose money and get destroyed. You judges will be in charge of this whole game. But on the really big issues, you judges will take sides with the big companies, or with the government and politicians, who also work for the big companies and multi-millionaire investors."

The corporations continued: "You judges will do everything you can to see that democracy is kept limited and under control. You will see that the courts make the big decisions, not the people, and not the legislators who can be influenced by people visiting their offices. You will see that the highest power remains in the hands of federal judges, who cannot even be fired or transferred out of a job. In general, you judges will work to see that the common people are afraid and terrified of the legal system. You will use your powers to keep people in check, and hinder political parties or political movements that are not owned by the big companies. Sometimes you will see that critics are shut up and jailed."

The corporations continued: "You will send millions of people to prison, and some thousands of people to death, you judges will be in charge of the biggest gulag prison system in the entire world. You will be in charge of the jail and the terror of the American people. You will destroy the lives of so many little people, making them broke and separating them from their families and making them worry about money and going to jail and losing their children, so they will not be able to organise themselves and fight the big companies. You will encourage fear and hatred, you will help make the middle class to be afraid of the poor, you will help stir up fear between different races and religious groups."

The corporations also noted: "And you judges don't worry about any honest judges arising amongst you, judges who may decide they don't want to co-operate with bribery and serving corporations. All complaints against judges will be kept on file. 99% per cent of them will be ignored - Just like the USA Supreme Court refuses to hear arguments in 99% of the appeals filed there. But if any judge starts to be independent, well you and our legislator friends can blackmail the judges with some of those old complaints in the files. And ultimately too, we can use some death squads against judges, just like we can use them against journalists, congress people, or senators, even presidents. After a judge rules against the government or oligarchy, we can shoot them dead on the street [Federal Judge John Roll shot dead on an Arizona street in 2011]. Even a Supreme Court Justice can suddenly turn up dead [Antonin Scalia found dead with a pillow over his face in 2016, no autopsy was ordered]."

The corporations concluded: "The American people will be deceived and manipulated and fearful and helpless to fight you. You judges, and we corporations, we will maintain power together, and we will be rich together. You judges will be the most powerful people in the most powerful country in the world. And we corporations will gladly pay you well for it. Together we will inhibit and limit democracy, we will stop whatever laws and lawsuits and political movements, that will threaten to limit the profits and power of the corporations, or which try to limit the power games of you judges and lawyers. We will rule America together, because it is the only way to rule America to our maximum benefit. We will laugh and call it 'democracy' and the 'rule of law', even whilst American people live in fear, and become powerless and have their rights taken away. The rule of law will become the rule of lawyers, under the judges who exercise supreme power for the big corporations."

Perhaps no conversation exactly like this took place - But it is a fairly good statement of the quiet understanding that exists, between America's corporate powers and wealthy investors, on the other hand, and the judges and lawyers who control America's legal system.

If the legal system did not control, manipulate, and divide the USA people, there would be more popular democracy, more political parties, less abuse of the average person, and smaller profits for the richest people and big corporations, if Americans could win back their rights that they have lost.

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