Tuesday, August 02, 2005

7. I read about crazy lawsuits for trivial reasons where people win money - so why can't I find a lawyer to fight serious issues of legal corruption?

It's true that there are lots of bogus, malicious, and perverted lawsuits filed in America, for all sorts of trivial and dishonest reasons. And it's true that some of these lawsuits even win money, where somebody gets a big pile of money for some silly complaint.

But that doesn't mean you will be able to get legal help to fight a crooked lawyer or judge, even though you have massive proof of misconduct and felony crime by the lawyers and the judges.

The legal profession likes the media to tell all those general lawsuit stories. They like the way these stories create terror among people and small businesses, and help induce people to pay more money for lawyers.

The legal profession also likes the media to tell the stories of a few people who win millions of dollars in lawsuits. It is just like in gambling casinos, where the casino very proudly announces that someone has won a huge jackpot. A few people win big, but most people will lose, and the stories of a few people hitting the "jackpot" give false hope to all the many people who lose money. Also, many people who win lots of money in a lawsuit, are people who have serious injuries and medical problems, and who need to spend all that money on America's hugely expensive medical care system.

The lawyers also like to create the impression that, "You can find a lawyer to sue anybody for almost anything." This, however, is a lie. It's true that you can find lawyers to file all sorts of silly, worthless and dishonest lawsuits, but only against certain targets.

If you want to make up some lies and sue a doctor or a hospital, lawyers will jump out of the woodwork to help you. If you want to make up some lies and sue a small business, that doesn't have any political connections, lawyers will be glad to take your money and play this game with you. If you want to harass your poor neighbor down the street, and your neighbor doesn't have political connections, lawyers will be glad to take your money and play the lawsuit game.

But if you want to sue a big powerful company with political connections, lawyers start to slow down a bit. They might take your money and file a lawsuit against that kind of company, but they will start to be a little timid about what they do. And they might steal your money, and then take a bribe from the lawyers for the big company to sabotage your case.

If you want to file a lawsuit against some politician or the government, now things really start to slow down. Lawyers, even broke lawyers desperate for money, will start to walk on eggshells here. They might be willing to file some sort of general administrative lawsuit about this or that, but they also will be very hesitant to expose wrongdoing by some powerful official, politician or government agency. Lawyers are very careful about taking legal action against the government in general.

But if you want to sue another lawyer, or file some lawsuit that exposes the misconduct of a dishonest judge, then you will likely hear: No way, buster! This is the territory of career suicide for a lawyer. He might end up losing his license to practice law, and both the lawyer and you might wind up in jail on phony charges. You can keep on asking several thousand lawyers, like other people have done, and yet never find a single lawyer who is willing to file a lawsuit against other crooked lawyers. You can have lots of money, and total proof of crime by the guilty lawyers, and yet you may never find a lawyer to help you.

That's the reality of "how the game is played" in the American legal system.

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