Tuesday, August 02, 2005

10. Is it true that once I become a victim of judicial and legal corruption, I basically become an "outlaw" to the whole legal system in America?

Sadly, yes. There is no person more isolated in the American legal system, than someone who is a victim of legal and judicial corruption and who has started to complain about it, or shown any signs that he or she is aware of the crooked game that is being played.

By complaining about dishonest lawyers and judges, you may no longer have any shred of safety left in your life inside America. The judges and lawyers and police will make you, in the ancient sense of the word, an 'outlaw', outside the law, where it is open season for anyone to do harm to you, and no lawyer or judge or police officer will ever protect you.

Murderers and rapists can find a lawyer - no problem at all. Lawyers love to have clients who are guilty of serious crimes, sleazy clients who want to cut a 'deal' with the system.

But if you are an innocent person who has complained about a lawyer or a judge, or who has shown signs of even being aware of dishonesty or corruption in the legal system, then you are in great danger, and may already be an 'outlaw' to America's lawyers and courts. You may be an outlaw not only in the particular legal case where you complained about corruption, but in any future legal case of any kind at all. You might find yourself totally without legal help in unrelated legal matters, because you have now become fair game for all gangsters and criminals as well as the government.

You might be arrested on false criminal charges, and find that no lawyer wants to help you. Other people can wreck your house and steal money from you, and you may find that no lawyer will dare come forward to help protect your rights.

If you had a past record of robbing banks or harming children, sure, lawyers will help you, no problem. But if you have a past record of complaining about lawyers and judges, then you are alone, and lawyers and judges will sit back and watch and laugh while you are victimised. And lawyers themselves may start lining up to cheat you and steal your money, making false promises and then immediately betraying you after cashing your cheque, lawyers knowing that you are helpless to fight back, and that judges and the Bar will be supporting them in the theft of your funds.

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