Tuesday, August 02, 2005

6. Aren't there lawyers who specialize in "legal malpractice" or misconduct by lawyers?

Theoretically, there are a few lawyers who advertise among their specialties, that they are interested in 'legal malpractice' cases. But you will almost certainly find this to be another dead end, as you search for a lawyer to help you.

Lawyers interested in 'legal malpractice' are only interested in defending and protecting lawyers who are accused of crimes and offences - they are not interested in exposing any wrongdoing by other lawyers.

Lawyers who say they are willing to sue other lawyers, are usually only willing to file such lawsuits if it is all right with the judges first. If lawyers have already been publicly targeted as 'going rogue' - for example, stealing client funds and not paying the judges their share; of if the lawyer has become a political loud-mouth not in line with the oligarchy of rich people; or the lawyer is otherwise 'being stupid' and 'not playing the game by the rules' - then, yes, the lawyer can be sued.

But if the lawyer has committed crimes that are fully approved by some judges, or has been serving the high oligarchy of very rich people - in such cases other lawyers will be in fear to speak of facts and evidence. Lawyers who commit crimes in collusion and partnership with judges are usually home free, with other lawyers too terrified to oppose them.

So the first question of a 'legal malpractice' lawyer, is whether some judge, or powerful politician, is already angry at the lawyer in question, and wants to take revenge on the lawyer - in that case the 'legal malpractice' lawyer might be willing to help you. A few narrow types of cases fall into this category - like lawyers who have missed a filing deadline in a personal injury lawsuit, thereby depriving other lawyers and judges of legal fees and bribery money.

The lawyers, and the judges supporting them, will also tolerate a few lawsuits about legal misconduct, where the lawyers have engaged in malpractice or misconduct that hurts the big corporations or their shareholders. The judges and lawyers don't care about average citizens, but they do care about big corporations, shareholders, and wealthy people, so they consider evaluating whether a lawyer has provided good service to big corporations and wealthy people, which the judges see as the primary work of all USA lawyers.

Over decades, the US legal system has been built this way on purpose. On the one hand, Hollywood movies and TV sell a very fake picture of the 'great American legal system', so that people without experience of it think there is some justice in it. On the other hand, the system has evolved to work as a mafia of control, so that common people can be easily crushed and thwarted, often unable to get justice for themselves when their lives are being destroyed by the rich and powerful.

As far as the average citizen goes, the average legal system victim, you can pretty much forget about even the so-called 'legal malpractice' lawyers. No matter how clearly you can prove felony crimes by some evil lawyers and judges, the 'legal malpractice' lawyers will almost never help you.

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