Tuesday, August 02, 2005

5. Why is it so hard to find a lawyer to fight legal or judicial corruption, why are all the lawyers afraid to help me?

A typical experience in battle against judicial or legal wrongdoing, is that it becomes almost impossible to find a lawyer who will help you file lawsuits and complaints against judges, or against other lawyers - the lawyers are too afraid, even if you have hundreds of thousands available to pay legal fees.

Although in that case beware! Lawyers will play complex games to defraud you of your money, spending your funds on alleged 'research and review', or weak court filings avoiding the truth ... and then refuse to return your funds after they betrayed you and cheated you.

Honest lawyers, however, will simply refuse to help you out of fear. They may even get a phone call suddenly telling them to 'stay away' from you as a client.

One reason for this fear is because the judges and their friends in the rich-lawyer mafia, generally control the Bar in your state, giving them total instant control over whether a lawyer can keep his law licence. So the Bar can not only ignore the complaints about dishonest lawyers who are involved in crimes with judges, the Bar can also take instant revenge on the lawyers who dare to question corruption.

Lawyers who file complaints exposing judge or lawyer corruption, have been quickly stripped of their right to practice law, denied their livelihood and income and financially destroyed, and sometimes even criminally charged and sentenced to jail.

Sometimes the local Bar will even admit that talking about legal corruption, is a specific reason for taking away a lawyer's license to practice, 'contempt of court' and so on. The revenge can be quick and instant. The lawyer won't even be a lawyer long enough to represent you in court in the weeks after he made the 'mistake' of a court filing telling the truth.

Judges have many other ways to take revenge too. American judges love to abuse their 'contempt of court' privileges, and send a lawyer, or indeed anyone to jail, ordering the jailing right on the spot there in the courtroom, if a judge decides that person has been insufficiently submissive. You have a 'right of appeal' in a jail cell - but victims have been held in jail for 'contempt of court' for as long as 14 years in the USA, with no trial and no criminal conviction, just because the judge said so, and all the appeals judges played along with it.

What this means, is that America's army of over a million lawyers, is submissive to the control of some thousands of judges, who operate the rigged game which is America's legal system. The lawyers are genuinely in fear. Even the many lawyers who are unemployed, the lawyers who are broke and desperate for money, are afraid to fight a case if it involves exposing judicial or legal corruption. They have heard what happens, that they might never be able to work as a lawyer for the rest of their lives, and media and court records will show that they are a 'lawyer disbarred for misconduct'.

The small group of rich lawyers who make big money, and who run the various Bar and lawyers' associations, have accepted all of this, as the way that the 'game' is played. Lawyers who have direct contact with judges have accepted the threats and blackmail of the system.

Lawyers feel that the current structure of bribery and court fraud and blackmail, is what maintains the high incomes of some lawyers, helping lawyers to earn fees of $500 per hour and more. Rich people and companies pay this money because they are afraid of injustice, and they know that the fees are big enough to include the money for bribes to the judges.

Many lawyers - the more honest half - don't like the system, but they mostly keep their feelings private. Idividual lawyers cannot speak out about particular cases of bribery and fraud, because they know that revenge will likely be quickly taken against them.

Lawyers will line up by the dozen to help other crooked lawyers, and to help judges play bribery games and do personal harm to you. But if you have proof of lawyers or judges involved in crime and wrongdoing, lawyers in general will avoid you as if you have the plague.

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