Tuesday, August 02, 2005

12. Why doesn't someone fight this whole big crooked system - What is keeping all of this going?

To understand American legal corruption, it's necessary to go into a deeper understanding of how the machinery of American society really works - who has power, and why they use it that way. This is a big and complex question, about which many books can be written, and which can be looked at in different ways. But here are some short summaries to help you initially understand why the American judicial system has become the mess that it is.

As for 'someone' to fight this system, there have long been many little 'someones' trying to fight this battle. Sometimes, you can find such people on the internet, even though you may not have heard about them before you yourself became a legal system victim. The first decade of the new millennium, the 00s, when there was less pro-oligarch internet censorship by the major search engines, in particular saw a very worthy 'Jail 4 Judges' movement across the country, bringing victims together, and seeking to do something about America's terrifying and catastrophic legal system, against immense odds.

There are still people trying to fight this battle. But overall, there is no big powerful 'someone', with big money and influence and lawyers and media coverage, who is willing and able to fight this system as it now stands.

In America right now, two giant institutions are breaking down at the same time. One is the legal and court system, with the moral collapse of America's lawyers, now submissive to America's judges and to the culture of legal corruption.

The second institution that is breaking down, is that of the big news media organisations and internet platforms, the news media now very timid, and not covering much of the news that people need and want to hear.

Lawyers are afraid, journalists are afraid, and so the real story about America's courts is not getting told. America is a land of great fear. This needs to be understood in more detail, so you can understand why the judges have such power and control, and why judicial corruption is so rampant.

A good question to start analysing power and corruption, is to ask the classic question from ancient Rome - Cui bono? Who benefits from this corruption?

With judicial and legal misconduct, clearly the judges and the rich lawyers benefit from it. An unfair system that involves bribery and influence peddling, makes the judges and leading lawyers richer. They get a lot more money than they would in a fair system. The more injustice in America, the more fear that clients have, the more money they will pay to lawyers. Fear and injustice equals money for lawyers and judges.

Lawyers who are able to bribe judges and influence court results, know that people with cash will pay large money for such 'legal service', when big money is a reliable way to get results that you want, overwhelming the law and the facts and justice itself. If the system was fair, the little guy or victim would win more often. On the other hand, a bribery system, will tend to give more reliable results for the rich people who are paying the big fees and bribery money.

And partly it is just the ancient human emotion of the quest for power. A dishonest judge feels more powerful than an honest one. It is one thing to decide a legal case; it is another all together, to fix and rig the system for yourself and your friends. It can make people feel almost like a god, to twist and pervert the system and the USA Constitution. Pride and the lust for power, are ancient human emotions, especially for people who are drawn to politics, like judges.

In the USA and in Anglo-heritage societies in general, people grow up thinking that judges are the ultimate power. So people who seek power, want to become judges. And then how much more powerful you can feel as a judge, to twist and rig the whole game. Especially when you know that other judges are twisting and rigging the game too. And that judges can wind up shot dead on the street if they don't play the game with the others.

But we need to look more deeply, beyond the judges and lawyers themselves, to see who is benefiting from the current crooked USA legal system, and why the system keeps going. And this of course is the oligarchy, seeking control of a nation and society, and the ability to crush any threat to the own wealth and power and dominance, in having things their own way. See the following questions for more on this.

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