Tuesday, August 02, 2005

26. What things should I keep in mind in dealing with lawyers?

As long as you are living in America and having to deal with lawyers, it is important to keep some things in mind to protect yourself.

A few lawyers try to be ethical and helpful, within the limits of their fears, even though they still won't fight corruption and bribery by other lawyers and judges. But with so many millions of victims of legal corruption in America, it's better to be mentally prepared for the worst when dealing with lawyers.

In America, think of a lawyer as someone who is trying to take your money, while doing as little as possible for you by way of rocking the political boat in your community. Remember that lawyers are used to taking money from people when they are desperate and vulnerable - that is exactly the time for lawyers to pounce, and squeeze money out of a person in trouble. Don't ever expect an American lawyer to accomplish much of anything, other than helping avoid the judge's anger and revenge at you if you didn't have a lawyer there with you.

Remember that nearly all lawyers, regardless of what they say, are submissive to the judges, to the government, and to the lawyers for big corporations. Regardless of what you pay a lawyer, your so-called lawyer may easily betray you and cut a dirty deal on the side with the other lawyers for the government or the big company, and will usually follow the judge's secret instructions and demands.

Remember that all promises, words, and even written contracts by lawyers, are worthless. American lawyers are the biggest liars in the world, above all to their own clients. Lawyers will sign written contracts, take your money, cash your check, and then instantly tell you they are not honoring the contract, and not returning your money, and then may even threaten to sue you if you don't keep your mouth shut about how they defrauded you. Yes, things like that actually happen.

Your problem is that, even if a lawyer commits clear fraud against you and violates his written contract, you still cannot find another lawyer to sue the first lawyer, and if you go to court, the judge will usually cover up for the fraud and theft by the lawyer, and rule against you. The same goes for the lawyer complaint office at the Bar, which is run by the judges. That's how it all works.

If you give a lawyer your money, kiss it goodbye. Even if he does nothing, he will often keep all the money. The lawyer will tell lies and claim he did "many hours of research" for you.

Lawyers are basically only loyal to clients who will keep paying them large amounts of more money in the future. This is the only kind of relationship where the lawyer is forced to have some respect for you, and where you have some hope of trusting him. If you give a lawyer a large amount of money in one big lump, and he doesn't expect another big lump from you, he basically kisses you goodbye in his mind, and already starts looking for his next "big ticket", which may be a bribe from the other side, in the same case for which you just paid him.

So try not to pay your lawyer in a big lump - pay him in stages, once or twice a month, so that he is worried you will fire him and become a cash cow for some other lawyer instead.

Don't tell a lawyer how much money you have - he will scheme to ask for all of it. Keep your money a secret. Just allow that you will "try to find" the money he wants from you. Take a while to think about it, whether it is worth it.

Never give a lawyer your last money that you have. It won't help you or save you. Lawyers tend to despise people who only have a little bit of money. Better to use that last little bit of money for personal needs, or possible escape out of the state or country.

If you do have some significant amount of money, more than a few thousand dollars that you can easily carry, then keep it in a bank account in a foreign country, so that American lawyers and lawsuits can't find it. Rich people do this, and you should do this, too, even if it's just some ten thousand dollars or more. It's much harder for the lawyers to grab your money in a foreign country, as foreign countries know the American legal system is a joke, a farce and a fraud, and American court judgments are not recognized in many other countries.

There's a good reason so many people, even just middle class people, keep their money in Switzerland or other places. It's easier to set up an account than you might think, as you can find on the internet. You can even get a nice little money-machine card, and access your foreign bank in America or around the world. A lot of Americans have been saved much grief, because they kept their money in foreign banks. America is not a safe place for your money, because of the crazy legal system.

Your main purpose in hiring a lawyer, is first of all so the judge won't be angry with you and take revenge on you because you refused to hire a lawyer. But be prepared that the lawyer will tend to betray you to the other side or the government, if you are in any kind of conflict with the government or someone who is richer than you. Your goal is first to keep the costs down, not giving too much money to the lawyers; and secondly, while your lawyer slowly sells you out to the other side, you try to make it so your lawyer doesn't sell you out too badly.

Obviously, in general, you want to avoid going near courtrooms and lawyers in America. Often, nearly everybody loses, except the lawyers.

If you do need a lawyer, smart or clever lawyers are not that important. What is more important is lawyers with connections to the judges who can pay the bribes that are needed. If you can afford it, this is what you are paying for, in hiring an American lawyer.

Don't let your lawyer know how smart you are, about him or about the crooked system. Lawyers and judges hate people who talk directly about bribery, or about the games lawyers play. You will be safer with the lawyers, if you appear to be someone stupid whom they can manipulate. Lawyers and judges have big egos, and like to think they are experts at manipulating and deceiving and dominating other people. Pretending to play along with lawyers, while guarding your money and your personal safety, may even save your life in America.

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