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8. I had a lawyer in my original legal case, but he acted weak, timid and stupid in the courtroom, he didn't try to strongly defend me - Why was that?

USA lawyers live in perpetual fear of the judge-lawyer mafia that can instantly end their career. The fear of judges also changes their legal behavior in regular legal cases, too, even cases that don't seem (at first) to involve judicial or legal corruption.

When you talk with a lawyer in his office, you may hear him or her talk about all sorts of wonderful things the lawyer promises to do for you - all sorts of countersuits that will be filed, all sorts of things the lawyer will say to defend you. The lawyer can sound like a smart, caring, effective person.

But then you may find, when it comes to the actual legal filings, or the lawyer's performance in the courtroom, your lawyer is suddenly a wimp and an idiot. He or she only argues about trivial matters, and forgets to mention the most important evidence about why you are innocent or right.

The reason for this, is that much of what goes on in American courtrooms is phoney and fake, with the outcome decided in advance by the judge and the lawyers. Lawyers don't really work for their clients, in the way they pretend when they are trying to get your money.

The real allegiance of lawyers is to the legal system itself - the legal system that gives them a job, and provides them the opportunity to take money from clients and victims. But the price of that opportunity, is being willing to betray or abandon that client, whenever the judicial-legal mafia wants that to happen.

So the ultimate loyalty of lawyers is not to the client. Their loyalty is channelled through judges, into service for the government or 'deep state', or for the rich people or corporations who pay big bribes.

Even though you might have given a lot of money to 'your' lawyer, the judge might have gotten a really big bribe from the other side. The judge may even have received instructions or threats. In the USA, sometimes even federal judges get shot dead on the street, after they make a few 'wrong' rulings not helping the rich and powerful. This is part of why the big corporations usually win their cases against the little person.

Your lawyer is more like a crooked television pro wrestler, who gets paid to 'take a dive', to intentionally lose, in a rigged, pre-arranged wrestling match. He pretends to fight a little bit, then he lays down while the judge / referee counts to 10.

Lawyers are submissive to the judges in the way that they present their cases. If the judge doesn't want to hear something, the lawyer will try to avoid presenting those facts or arguments. Hence, very often, the truth is never spoken, the motion is never filed, the claims are not made, the facts are not presented. The person whom you imagine is 'your' lawyer, trims and narrows the presentation to make it pleasing to the judge, and to the forces of wealth, power and government that the judge represents. Your lawyer may well be bribed by the other side's lawyers, to help him along in betraying you.

If the lawyers don't play along with this game, they may suffer the destruction of their careers, or even be railroaded into prison.

This is also how so many poor people and minorities are sent to prison, even though they are completely innocent. They are shoved into accepting a 'plea bargain', with no jury trial, by the lies and deceptions of a 'public defender' lawyer, who is trying to hold onto his job. If the 'public defender' does not cooperate with the judge and prosecutors in railroading poor people into jail, he can be pushed out of work, or even suffer worse revenge, like being disbarred or jailed on false charges himself.

In lawsuits between people and big companies, the big corporations and rich people who pay for the bribes, may not even specifically talk about bribery with their lawyer. They hire a lawyer with "connections", pay him $500 an hour or whatever he asks, and don't ask any questions about the details. The lawyers themselves have lots of cash floating around in their pockets, and wait for a discreet moment to pass it to the judge. If you have a chance to talk frankly with USA lawyers, they will acknowledge bribery is commonplace.

A big difference between the USA and developing countries, is that in poorer countries the bribes are more obviously paid directly to public officials. The USA is 'more sophisticated', in that the bribes are often passed through the lawyers and law firms. The USA also involves significantly 'delayed' bribes to public officials. Maybe the FBI director doesn't receive cash whilst in the job, but afterwards, the law firms whose bribery and corruption he indulged, give him a job paying many hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Often, the judge and the lawyers agree among themselves about how it's all going to 'go down', with the end result decided in advance, and as a legal system victim, you merely hear the result of what the gangsters tell you is 'the best deal possible', according to 'your' lawyer, whose job is to sell the deal to you, threatening you if necessary, and compel you to go along. 'Your' lawyer may well begin to threaten or intimidate you, even describe how you will be killed in a fake accident or suicide, if you do not go along. If a lawyer tries to fight this system, the lawyer and the client both, might be quickly crushed and destroyed. American lawyers learn quickly that they must 'play the game' if they are to survive at all, and they are shown the stories of the lawyers who lost their law licence in their own neighbourhood.

There are lawyers who wish they could help people more. But they find themselves too afraid to take the actions they know should be taken, to really defend and fight for their clients. America's lawyers are themselves in fear, trained to be submissive and timid to America's judges and mafia 'bar ethics' groups, as the only way to get the rewards of a legal career.

In fact, it is essentially impossible to find radical, bold, brave lawyers like there were in an earlier day, or like you imagine from television and movies. The author of this FAQ is living proof of that. The judges don't allow honest, brave lawyers to survive very long. Such lawyers have been successfully suppressed, disbarred, jailed, or otherwise intimidated and constrained.

That is why when you try to confront judicial and legal corruption, you are usually very much alone and without any legal help.

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