Tuesday, August 02, 2005

9. What about prosecutors and police - won't the prosecutors or the FBI go after crooked lawyers and judges?

This is another frustrating dead end in your search for justice. In theory, the local district attorney, or the police, or the federal prosecutors and the FBI, should all be going after crooked lawyers and judges.

But you will find that these people usually have no interest in going after crooked lawyers and judges, no matter how clear and devastating the proof of crime that you present to them. They may even give you back the evidence and refuse to accept it, so they can pretend later that they never saw it and don't have it.

One of the sad things about life in America, is that average citizens are in part denied the right to bring criminal complaints against other people. You aren't allowed to yourself bring criminal charges of extortion and fraud against a lawyer, unless a prosecutor or other magistrate or official 'approves' of prosecuting your accusations. You can 'make a complaint' in some ways, but there is no real effective power to make them do anything about it.

In theory but not in practice, the law claims to give you some means to start a prosecution going. In the case of federal law - which often applies to legal system victims, given your constitutional rights have been violated - you have the 'right' to request a federal grand jury of common citizens, to listen to your evidence of crime. But if you do make this demand as allowed by law, you may find that they prosecutors just stall and delay. To make the prosecutor do his job, you of course have the option - yes, you guessed it - to go to a judge. Good luck with that, given that judges and prosecutors are essentially in the same mafia together. The prosecutor as well, often wouldn't hestitate to advise the grand jury that your allegations are crazy and unfounded, and no one should listen to you.

So what you tend to find is that public officials cover up for crimes by their special friends, the lawyers and judges. This is all part of the 'game'. The police and prosecutors, after all, depend on crooked lawyers and judges to succeed in their own work. Many of Americans more than 2 million prisoners who are now in America's jails, are innocent, railroaded into jail on flimsy evidence, on unreliable testimony from criminal snitches, or by a plea bargain induced by extortion threats coming from the corrupt 'public defender' lawyer.

For poor and especially minorities, jailing on false charges are a common reality. For middle-class people, there is a common experience of being cheated out of money, or railroaded in a corrupt divorce proceeding. Very sadly, middle-class people cheated by lawyers and judges out of money, often fail to understand how often minorities are arrested when innocent.

A crime is committed, and police and prosecutors often arrest somebody, anybody, who they feel 'probably did something bad some other time if not this crime'. Youth in poor minority neighbourhoods know that innocent people like themselves get arrested ... and so they wonder, why not be a criminal and enjoy life a little, if I'm likely to be arrested or jailed someday anyway?

Lawyers and judges are the people who help the police and prosecutors do their dirtiest work. There is lots of mutual back-scratching here. Judges and lawyers help cover up for crimes and misconduct by police and prosecutors; in return, police and prosecutors help cover up for crimes by judges and lawyers. It is an old, ancient game, and the players are all familiar with the rules.

Occasionally there is a prosecution of some lawyer or low-level judge for some crime, but this is usually when that person has become a wild card, who went too far, or didn't play by the established rules, maybe got too greedy in exceeding the quiet system of influence and bribery. But sometimes it is exactly because that lawyer or judge tried to fight the system or not play along, that they are being railroaded on some accusation. News reports rarely tell the real story of what is going on behind the scenes.

But for the average person who has clear proof of felony crimes by a lawyer or judge, the police and prosecutors and FBI are usually not interested. They will simply put the material in their files, and not do anything about it ... unless the judge or lawyer later becomes a political target, unrelated to how they made a victim out of you.

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