Tuesday, August 02, 2005

4. What about the local Bar or Bar association - Aren't they supposed to go after crooked lawyers and judges?

In each U.S. state you can also locate the procedures on how to file a complaint against a dishonest lawyer, a complaint usually filed with your local Bar, or lawyers' supervision body. Just as with the complaint procedures about judges, these procedures are largely a joke, a farce and a fraud on the American people.

You may be amazed to see how fast the Bar sends you a letter back, claiming there is "no action warranted" on your complaint, even though you have submitted total clear proof of felony crimes by a lawyer. Across America, such "lawyer complaint procedures" are known for covering up for felony crimes and serious offenses by lawyers. These "Bar legal ethics" people are an important part of maintaining the American culture of bribery and judicial misconduct.

It is important to understand that, in the United States of America, the lawyers are under the direct personal control of the judges, not their fellow lawyers. This is different from other advanced nations, where lawyers are admitted to practice by their fellow lawyers. So, in other countries, lawyers are not directly under the thumb of judges who may be crooked. This is the difference between what is usually called the 'Bar' (a government body controlled by the judges in America), and the 'Bar Association' (the union or guild or private organization of lawyers).

Given that the judges in America are widely involved in misconduct and fraud and bribery, and that these judges also control the Bar, that means your complaint about dishonest lawyers, are going right to the same judges who are involved in bribery with the crooked lawyers. Ha-ha-ha, the judges laugh, because the joke is on the public.

The lawyers who are "disciplined" by the Bar are mostly lawyers who have made the judges angry in some way - lawyers who dared to expose corruption; lawyers involved in bribery without giving the judges their proper share; political radicals or minority lawyers who have caused trouble for the judges and politicians; or lawyers whose other crimes become so well known that the Bar feels it has to pretend to do something.

But it is usually an empty hope of getting justice, by means of filing a Bar complaint against a lawyer. The law, the truth, the facts, the evidence, and justice itself, are all usually irrelevant. What matters is the way the lawyer in question is politically and financially connected to the judges.

The Bar Associations, or lawyers' unions, do not have power independent of the judges. They accept the system as it is, and join in the cover-up of offenses by other lawyers.

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