Tuesday, August 02, 2005

11. Is it just a question of money - could I fix things if I had some money?

You may be surprised that even fairly large piles of money, are not enough to fight legal corruption.

You may initially have become a victim of legal corruption, in part because you didn't have much money. Lawyers told you they couldn't help you, because you didn't have money. But you will find that even if you win the lottery and get a large pile of money later, you often still cannot hire any lawyers to fight legal corruption.

It is an iron wall of corruption with America's judges and lawyers. The lawyers are totally scared to represent you or help you, if you are someone who has exposed or criticized wrongdoing among the judges, and that doesn't change because you can afford to pay legal fees.

If you do come into some money, you may only find lawyers who will steal your money, but not actually represent you and fight for you. One way they do this is by the common "research and review" scam. A lawyer says first you have to pay him to "evaluate the issues". He takes a large pile of money, and writes a short and useless "legal memorandum", telling you there is this issue and that issue and blah-blah-blah, but in the end he refuses to help you, and all you have is a useless "memorandum".

Another way a lawyer will steal your money is by making false promises to you, even giving you a phony written contract, and then just pocketing your money. Once he cashes your checks, the lawyer then begins abusing you and backing out on his promises. He refuses to do work for you or file the lawsuits he promised, he suddenly tells you that you must keep quiet about bribery and corruption, and meanwhile he keeps all your money because of all his "legal work" and "research" on your case.

America really has two legal systems using the same courts. One system is for rich people and big corporations, and those who can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees and bribes. The other system is for everybody else, who are simply pawns in the big legal "game". The average middle class or poor person, simply doesn't matter very much to the judges and lawyers.

But even people who are wealthy, or big wealthy corporations, cannot directly fight the legal culture of bribery and corruption. Even the lawyers for big corporations, are too scared to expose bribery and fraud by other lawyers and judges.

Even a big corporation, confronted with bribery, will simply file complex appeals on technical issues, and hire other expensive lawyers who may bribe other judges, so as to get the initial bad results reversed or limited in some way. A business knows that if it speaks up about dishonest judges, it will have a bad time in the courts from other judges in the future. It will start losing big lawsuits, and may even be wiped out or destroyed, as the judges take revenge on the company.

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