Tuesday, August 02, 2005

29. So what can I do to fight my personal battle against judicial and legal corruption - or is it just hopeless?

In the above questions of this FAQ, you have come to understand what typically happens when people look for help in fighting against legal and judicial corruption in America. You now understand the frustration and agony of the victims of American injustice as they look for help from other lawyers; from the Bar that supervises lawyers; from the judges who receive complaints about other judges; from the law professors; from the police and prosecutors; from the politicians; from the civil rights organizations and advocacy groups; and from the news media and reporters. Very commonly, it all comes to the same dead end. No one will help you, people avoid you, and hardly anyone even knows how to advise you.

And you face grave dangers if you try to fight back, or challenge judicial and legal corruption in America. You face harassment, threats, false criminal charges, illegal jailings, or slander by the news media and the rich and powerful, and all sorts of attempts to discredit you. People may even threaten to murder you, and you might have to leave the country in the end, like other victims. In the end, if you have rock-solid documentation of your position and place it widely on the internet, their final tactic is just to ignore you and pretend you don't exist.

You will feel very lonely, as perhaps even old friends abandon you, not wanting to associate with someone like you who has now become a target and a victim. Most people in America just try to continue leading a normal life, in quiet subconscious fear of the big ugly legal machine, just hoping that they won't get sucked into it and destroyed by it.

The ancient Greek writer Thucydides summarized the philosophy of power as, "The strong do what they can, and the weak suffer what they must." This is a phrase that applies to life in modern America. As a victim of American legal corruption, you find yourself among the weak and powerless. And that is painful, especially in a culture like America that values and prizes power and strength.

Obviously you just must try to survive in some way, as best you can. As far as your particular legal case goes, you are at least better prepared, if you understand the forces that you are up against, and this FAQ has given you some of the tools of understanding.

Although it's unlikely you have a lawyer who will directly and boldly fight judicial and legal corruption, you may be lucky enough to find a good hearted lawyer who will, somewhat timidly, try to protect you from having too much harm done to you. Just remember that the lawyer has his own reasons to be afraid, and will tend to be very timid and limited in what he will do.

Also, remember that many lawyers will tell lies and make false promises, but in fact they are thieves and criminals who will sell you out to the other lawyers and to the judges. Be careful what you say to them, or how much money you give to them. Maybe you will find a lawyer who can bribe a judge to soften or diminish what happens to you. But beware of lawyers' promises, they often lie to little people, they just steal your money and do nothing.

Remember that the system wants you to appear submissive to what they are doing to you. Trying to fight back is dangerous, as they tend to take much bigger revenge on you. So you need to weigh your strategy carefully. Sometimes you can gently fight back a little, while also appearing to be submissive for example. Every case is different, and the risks are high. It is too bad there are not more resources, or people, or lawyers to help.

If you become a target of American legal or judicial corruption, think about whether escape is an option. If your situation is a more minor one, you can consider a path of escape to some other region of America, where you are not in the immediate neighborhood of the same criminals. Or you may be one of the many people for whom it is time to escape the USA. It is often better to just leave America, than to hang around and think you will accomplish something within America's crooked and near-hopeless legal system.

The US media doesn't want to tell you the stories of the people who have been forced to leave America, the so-called "great land of freedom". But actually, there are six million Americans living outside USA borders, and many of them are not coming back.

If you do not have a criminal record and a little bit of money, and some skills, you can consider countries like Canada, Australia and Great Britain, that are actively looking for immigrants. If you have a parent or ancestors who were born overseas, you may qualify for citizenship in some other countries.

Political asylum in other countries can be a difficult process, and a last resort, but for special cases of people who have been human rights victims in America, it may be necessary to ask for this. Hopefully, more of the world will soon be realizing that America has a crooked, unjust and politically perverted legal system, and will be more accommodating of asylum requests from America, as victims of the American government cannot hope for justice in American courts.

But for those who stay in America, or who feel they cannot leave, and where the legal system does not threaten death, they just often wind up submitting to the rape of their lives by American courts and lawyers. These victims, and you may be one of them, just accept the separation from their children, the prison terms, the financial destruction, the payment of extortion money to lawyers, and then live always with the inner sickness of knowing that they are victims.

You may find some comfort on the internet, as you wind up reading about, and connecting with, many other victims of the legal system. Many of these stories and websites are very hard to read, however, as the anguish of the victims comes through in what they write.

Indeed, some psychologists have identified a "legal abuse syndrome", where the victims of law and injustice, show the awful trauma of their experiences. What feeds this syndrome, is how lonely and helpless people feel when they are the victims of American judicial and legal corruption, given the lack of support, how no one will help you, and how almost no one even wants to hear your story. You can see this in how many victims of the American courts, talk about their experiences.

You may be tempted to tell your own story on the internet, and put up some of your own websites telling what happened to you. As you try to tell your own story, so vivid in your own mind, try hard to realize how easy it is to sound angry and hysterical. That is part of the nature of being a traumatized victim. But it can be very fulfilling, and liberating to tell your story, to name the criminals and gangsters, and call them by their true names. Indeed, the truth does set you free in some ways.

But also, be aware of just how dangerous it is to tell your story. Innocent people have suffered false criminal charges and jail, just because they dared to speak the truth on the internet. What about freedom of speech, you ask? Well, freedom of speech is dead in America, if the judges will not enforce it, and if the lawyers will not fight for it. And judges and lawyers are especially eager to stamp out those who criticize the American legal system. That's part of why this FAQ itself, is being written from a safe haven in Europe.

One does wish there was more to recommend, for particular cases, for the many victims of America's horrifying legal system. But it may be a comfort in itself to you, as well as save you much time and money, to realize there is often not much you can do, from inside America. Other people have tried, and failed, and died, in the same endless battle.

You are not alone as a victim of America's crooked judges and lawyers, there are many others like you, whom you can meet on the internet. But regrettably, there is likely no clever strategy you can use to salvage your own situation, there is no "someone" who is out there to help you and save you.

Every case is different, every story of survival is a different one. Good luck to all.

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