Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Table of Contents and List of Questions for this FAQ on American Judicial and Legal Corruption (F.A.Q., Frequently Asked Questions)

Here is the complete internet FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, on American judicial and legal corruption - the most hidden and ugly secret about life inside the modern United States.

Information for the many victims of USA legal injustice, and for anyone seeking to understand America's terrifying legal system, and how America really works.

Why American lawyers and judges are destroying families, sending innocent people to prison, and why average working people cannot get justice in American courts.

This FAQ is especially important, because America's major news media are afraid to talk about wrongdoing by lawyers and judges. Here is the truth that the U.S. media knows, but hides from the public.

This information in this FAQ may be re-published without charge, even in full, by anyone, anywhere, with acknowledgement of author and source.

Here's the table of contents, a list of just the questions; there are 30 questions total in this FAQ. Click on the question to go to the answer, or you can also navigate the immediate following 10 questions of the FAQ through the sidebar on the right.

Questions (Click on question to read answer):

1. I've been a victim of wrongdoing by a judge or lawyer - where do I start in getting help?

2. I thought America was a "free country" with the "greatest legal system in the world" - so why is my situation such a difficult problem?

3. What about the grievance procedures for dishonest and criminal judges?

4. What about the local Bar or Bar association - Aren't they supposed to go after crooked lawyers and judges?

5. Why is it so hard to find a lawyer to fight legal or judicial corruption, why are all the lawyers afraid to help me?

6. Aren't there lawyers who specialize in "legal malpractice" or misconduct by lawyers?

7. I read about crazy lawsuits for trivial reasons where people win money - so why can't I find a lawyer to fight serious issues of legal corruption?

8. I had a lawyer in my original legal case, but he acted weak, timid and stupid in the courtroom, he didn't try to strongly defend me - Why was that?

9. What about prosecutors and police - won't the prosecutors or the FBI go after crooked lawyers and judges?

10. Is it true that once I become a victim of judicial and legal corruption, I basically become an "outlaw" to the whole legal system in America?

11. Is it just a question of money - could I fix things if I had some money?

12. Why doesn't someone fight this whole big crooked system - What is keeping all of this going?

13. But with the judges so out of control in America, aren't there rich people and political groups that have even more power than the judges?

14. How is the power of the big corporations in America, connected to the abuse of power by judges and lawyers?

15. What kind of a deal is in place between America's judges and lawyers, on the one hand, and the corporations and multi-millionaires?

16. I couldn't get help from my political representative, about my battle with a crooked judge or crooked lawyer - Why won't the politicians help me?

17. So the current state of legal corruption, is really supported by both political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans together?

18. Is the problem of judicial and legal corruption, the same as the problem of "political activist judges", or is that a different issue?

19. There are so many organizations out there - isn't there an organization that will help me fight wrongdoing by a judge or lawyers?

20. I've got great evidence, and an important story, of judicial or legal corruption. How do I get the news media to cover my case?

21. What about investigative reporters - won't they be interested in my story of legal or judicial corruption?

22. What about the alternative or radical or foreign news media - won't they be interested in my story of legal or judicial corruption?

23. What about the professors at the law schools - aren't they studying and writing about legal corruption?

24. There's all these rich business executives getting convicted now, like Martha Stewart - Doesn't that prove that the system is really working?

25. What about being my own lawyer in court, and filing lawsuits against legal corruption on my own?

26. What things should I keep in mind in dealing with lawyers?

27. What is the history of how judges and lawyers got so much power in America?

28. Is the problem of legal and judicial corruption really different or better in other countries, or is it just the same as in America?

29. So what can I do to fight my personal battle against judicial and legal corruption - or is it just hopeless?

30. What is the best thing happening to fight judicial and legal corruption in America?