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20. I've got great evidence, and an important story, of judicial or legal corruption. How do I get the news media to cover my case?

This role of the American news media, and how they are silent on legal and judicial corruption, is another big shocker, maybe the biggest, for the victims of injustice. This is especially apparent when you approach the various people and websites that have been promoted as doing 'brave investigative reporting'.

When you are a new victim of legal injustice in America, you tend to start out thinking that the horrors that happened to you, can wind up on the front pages of the newspaper, or in the headlines on at least the local TV news broadcasts. You think you have a great and important and news story - and you may be right. You think that the public will be interested in what happened to you - and you may be right. You think your story is very unique - but you are probably wrong about that.

As a victim of injustice by lawyers or judges, you may think your story is unique, because you haven't heard about similar stories on the news, or read about similar stories in the newspapers. But that is only because the big media in America - the newspapers and television news shows, and the major internet news sites that you read - almost never publish such stories.

The reality is that the so-called 'reporters' at media outlets, are actually bombarded every day with endless horror stories of things happening to innocent people, especially in the legal system. Typically, reporters don't pursue such stories, because they know they won't be allowed to publish such stories in the newspapers, or talk about them on television.

Whilst millions of Americans have already been victims of the legal system, millions more have not yet had the bad luck to bump into it. And because news media refuse to report stories of legal and judicial corruption, the millions who haven't been in court, have an imaginary fairy-tale view of American justice, the image created by television and Hollywood movies, and the propaganda about USA courts learned in school in childhood.

So when you become a victim of injustice, you are tempted to call the newspapers and TV stations, and you imagine you might be on nationwide television. And, in fact, if they had the courage to do a story on you, it might be an interesting one for nationwide TV.

But they don't want to tell your story. You just take a number, behind the many thousands of other people, who wish the media was talking about their story, too.

The American media does not want to talk about particular cases of legal corruption, and does not want to talk about attempts by citizens to reform the legal system. Their coverage of such cases is almost always limited to cases where some government official or politician is taking some action or saying something, or where there is a rich-person, oligarch agenda to alter society, by highlighting the particular case or class of victim. As a general rule, the media avoids news and stories about judicial and legal corruption, which are supplied by citizens themselves.

The media is afraid of confronting legal corruption, for the same reason lawyers and everyone else are afraid. If a newspaper starts publishing material on the corruption of lawyers and judges, that newspaper would quickly become a target of revenge by the legal system. Possibly a direct target, but more often an indirect target.

All of a sudden, court cases in which that media organisation was involved, would not go very well. People would show up and sue the newspaper or website for millions of dollars - in seemingly unrelated cases - and might suddenly win, maybe even destroying and wiping out the newspaper. People at the newspaper or internet site, might suddenly find themselves arrested and criminally charged, for something that seems unrelated. Lawyers would be unwilling to defend the newspaper or website, or else only defend it badly, giving a victory to the other side.

It might take a while for the revenge to take place, but eventually the newspaper or website might be totally destroyed by the legal machine, unless it learned its lesson of being submissive to lawyers and judges.

The USA legal system has certainly been terrifically savage and brutal to individual writers and journalists, who have dared to raise questions about legal and judicial misconduct, such as the author of this blog, forced to become an exile under threats of assassination by criminal gangs supported by US federal judges.

Media ground rules in America, are such that the media is incentivised and blackmailed to present the view of reality that is painted by a judge in his orders and decrees. Even if the judge is a perverted criminal lunatic liar, his 'verdict' is how the media can smear someone, unless there is some higher judge who has over-ruled the first judge. The response of a private person, to slanders by a judge or a false court verdict, is heavily discounted by the media, and often not published at all. With their orders to internet search engines to block and hide the truth, and prevent victims from responding to lies, USA  judges can seem to control everything in American life, with their words a kind of 'legal' propaganda, and the victims of that propaganda, maybe banned from replying by a bribe-taking judge.

But there is more to the story of the media, than just typical fear of lawyers and judges. Similar to how corporations and rich investors fund and 'own' both major US political parties, the same corporations and investors own and control most omajor media in America. Just as there might be almost no real political opposition betweeen 'tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum' candidates, there is often no real media opposition, either, given how all media are under the same threats from USA courthouses.

No, the US government does not 'own' the media, although USA intelligence agencies have long  participated heavily in media companies and on internet sites, especially the widely known, anonymous, internet 'encyclopaedias' which are essentially frauds run by the government.

Rather than government-owned media as are dominant in some countries, in the USA it is more the other way around, and more complex: It is big corporations and rich investors, who own most all the major media, as well as 'owning' the political parties and machinery of US government. The bottom line is still the same. No effective political opposition in America, because there are no powerful opposition parties, and no powerful opposition media.

As they say, freedom of the press belongs to the people who own the press. And the 'press', in the United States of America, is owned by the same big corporations and rich investors, who dominate all three 'branches' of government, and are thus backing the culture of judicial dominance and corruption. 

Open-source research makes clear, how the top media conglomerates in America, are actually controlled by a very small group of less than 120 people who collectively are the majority of directors of those media corporations. These people are, in many cases, also on the boards of many other big companies, the 120 media directors also on the boards of over 280 of the USA's richest corporations.

So the biggest American corporations and investors, are also controlling America's media that you see and hear and read, just 120 very rich people at the controls of a dominant chunk of all that you see and read as 'news'. These people don't have to be part of an ultra-secret conspiracy, or some secret society. As rich people who have a common interest - profit and money and control - these rich people will tend to think alike and act like. Control the media, control democracy and politics, control the profit.

These corporations and rich people like the system the way it is. Otherwise they could make it different. If they didn't like America's crooked judges and lawyers, the media owners could launch a big crusade for more democracy, power to the people, more political parties, and prosecution of dishonest judges and lawyers.

But they're not interested in any of that stuff. You look at the major media outlets, on TV or in the newspapers, and you don't hear much about legal corruption, or the need for reforming the judges and the legal system. You're confronted with info-tainment, a few sensational stories that avoid telling the real news about corruption, aside from some cases that are politically-charged, or some wrong-doers went rogue and failed to bribe or support the right top people.

Media generally avoids telling how the old USA is rotting away. Aside from celebrity and fluff pieces, what is generally allowed to appear as 'news', is mostly sourced in either the government itself, or in the wishes of wealthy people to present you with a certain 'angle' on things.

If you analyse what's in a news article, you will find in many cases that nearly all of what's in the article, has its origins in actions or statements by the government or an official. The President said this, the government spokesman said this, an unnamed official said this, the town councilman said this, someone leaked this from the government, the police did this, the courts are doing that. What comprises the 'news' is often almost all government from A to Z, and then the media adds a little bit about what dress some celebrity was wearing. Even with celebrities, the news is often government-oriented - the celebrity was in divorce court, was caught buying drugs, etc..

There isn't really much that's allowed to be 'news' in the USA unless the government, or some wealthy faction with influence in the government, starts it first. On legal and judicial corruption, the media usually don't pursue the story, unless the lawyer or judge is actually being officially prosecuted or investigated by an official government agency, or is being sued in a lawsuit by a law firm that is politically-connected enough to win media attention.

The media doesn't want to hear about how your rights were being violated, or how much crystal clear evidence you have that the lawyers or a judge committed a crime. They want to know: Is someone in the GOVERNMENT, someone OFFICIAL or connected to WEALTHY PEOPLE, doing something about your evidence? The bar, the police, the prosecutors, the judges, a well-funded organisation or politician speaking out on your behalf? If not, the media usually doesn't want to print your story.

As a victim of legal or judicial corruption, you find the media is another brick wall to face in your struggle.

It's not a question of your writing a good press release, or getting your facts well-presented, or having good evidence. You could have the greatest story in the world, with the most well-written press release, but the media will ignore you, if you are trying to expose USA judicial and legal corruption.

Even worse, in some cases, the big media companies are actually helping lawyers and judges to commit felony crimes. The big media companies are working with lawyers to help set up lawsuits - they plant fake 'news' stories, and even invent fake interviews, which later serve as false evidence in court cases, to help take away the rights of victims. Yes, these kind of frightening events are really happening. And once again, you may not know these facts until you seriously research things on the internet. The big media companies are hardly going to let you know, that they themselves are in cahoots with crooked USA lawyers and judges.

Americans might be the most expertly manipulated and deceived people in the entire world now, as their political life is managed by the biggest propaganda operation in world history. It is wise never to trust the mainstream media from the USA; always think of what might possibly be the real truth behind the surface story. For a century now, since Freud's nephew Bernays wrote his book advising on 'Propaganda', it has been known that the best way to control a nation is to control the mass media - that's why the big corporations place such importance on their control of USA mass media.

Americans still stuck believing the old two-party myth, have the same problem with interpreting news media that they have in looking at judges. Republican voters think media is 'too Democrat, too liberal, too leftist', whilst Democrats think media is "too Republican, too right-wing, too conservative". And once again, just as with the judges, both sides are in part right depending on which media you like at, but also wrong at the same time. Both parties have been supporting judicial corruption and misconduct, whilst also bickering that this or that judge is 'too liberal' or 'too conservative'.

Big media companies, like the judges, are serving the oligarchy - the big corporations and rich people who own the media as well as pay for politicians. You can pick your target, you can point out some news stories that slant toward the Republican wing of the airplane, and other media that slant toward the Democrat wing. But what you can be sure of, is that nearly all news stories, fit into the mainstream framework of the ruling big-party machine.

What the news stories aren't telling very well, are the stories of real grass-roots Americans, trying to fight back against big government and the big corporations, or the millions of Americans who are victimised or fighting back against one of the world's most crooked legal systems.

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