Tuesday, August 02, 2005

19. There are so many organizations out there - isn't there an organization that will help me fight wrongdoing by a judge or lawyers?

You can sometimes find on the internet, a number of American organisations, or websites suggesting such an organisation or group, supposedly dealing with lawyers and judges, and the topic of reforming the legal system, or civil liberties and human rights and injustice and so on.

Yet these organisations and websites - especially some of the most famous ones - will mostly all ignore you and say nothing to you individually, when you are a specific victim of judicial or legal corruption. This is true of the whole range of well-funded advocacy groups, non-profit study groups, and various civil rights, civil liberties, and human rights organisations. They may put you on their e-mailing list after you write to them, but that is often the most you get in response.

Such groups tell you or say they try to 'work within the system', which is code language for telling you that they almost never get involved in complaining about crooked lawyers and judges. These organisations are not out to rock the boat of America's judicial nightmare, even though they may be engaged in other political-type legal cases.

If such organisations have any money, resources, or lawyers on their staff, they will very likely totally ignore you.

But if the organisation has no money, has nothing much more than a website, and no lawyers or legal help, you may find a sympathetic ear to receive your e-mails, but perhaps little else. You may typically then be put on a mailing list getting various items of 'news' about legal reform efforts, but nothing is done for you personally.

Like many other victims, you may find that the same civil rights or civil liberties organisation, to whom you were donating money all these years, now dumps you on the street like a load of rubbish when you ask them to help, in an actual case of judicial or legal corruption.

It is all a tragedy, indeed.

This may be quite a surprise to you, as you sift through the websites, many of which claim that they are advocates for civil liberties, human rights, more honest judges, a more open judicial process and so on.

Some of them have very nice websites, put up at great expense. You can read about their paid staff members with their executive director, and all the important people on their board of directors - which is almost a sure sign that the organisation will not help you.

If you dig into those websites, though, you will usually not find any great heroic stories, of how the group helped some poor victim of legal corruption, who had been railroaded by a dishonest judge or lawyer.

If you call them up, you will find that such brave fighting is not their 'mission'. If such groups have money, that usually means that these groups are part of the general game of politics that serves either the Democratic or Republican parties, or both. Or sometimes the group is actually a group working for the very lawyers and judges who are running the current system as it stands right now.

Some of the most famous US 'civil liberties' organisations, are actually a giant fraud against the American people, in place to serve oligarch agendas, to present a false image of 'organisations fighting for civil liberties', to discredit and undermine victims who are not helped by this supposedly 'great organisation', and even to help Deep State intelligence agencies on various kinds of deception and fraud projects.

One of the biggest tools used by billionaires and governments to deceive and control citizens, is the deceptive and evil 'non-profit organisation', using the cover of 'civil society' to conduct an ongoing war against truth and against common people.

As you first see on websites of organisations you contact, and then via e-mails you get, the organisation will often be asking you to donate to them ... which feels quite unpleasant, when you yourself are a legal system victim who likely needs money, after being robbed by lawyers and judges, or in order to seek the better legal help that you were not able to obtain.

The groups on the web are sometimes passionately involved in a few partisan legal cases, where Republican politicians are going after Democrats, or vice-versa. Sometimes they are involved with one of those public emotional issues - like school prayer or family values or so on - in the framework of one political party or another. Occasionally, they do help some private individual, who is lucky enough to have his or her problem fit exactly into their political agenda, but that is more rare than you would guess before you become a legal system victim.

And such cases are almost never about the usual bribery, fraud, corruption, and brutality, of America's day-to-day lawyers and judges. There is no well-funded organisation out there with a legal staff or lawyer volunteers, helping the simple average American who is being robbed, violated and railroaded by crooked lawyers and judges.

Any well-funded organisations, and their lawyers, tend to chase after cases that are already in the media, or obviously suited to the political game of the two main parties.

Such well-funded organisations, of course tend to get their money from big corporations and rich political donors, precisely because they serve the interests of those corporations and those rich people. 

One of the many ways that political life in America is managed, is by the smoke and mirrors of so-called non-profit think tanks and political advocacy groups. For example, big corporations pay for 'environmental study' groups that help the big corporations to damage the environment and get away with it, as the 'independent study' group, with PhDs on staff, can feeds false 'expert' information to the media, in a big game of deceiving the members of the public.

The 'legal and justice' organisations you find on the internet, are sometimes no different. First of all, they are organisations trying to keep their own money flowing, and the biggest source of money is from rich people and big corporations.

Some organisations do actually perform some good work for human rights or civil rights, but they are very timid or limited in what they do. So many hundreds of thousands of people need help, they say 'No' to most people anyway.

And such organisations are afraid of exposing crooked lawyers and judges. They have the same problem you do: The judges and lawyers will destroy them if they speak out too much. If they criticise judges and lawyers, they face lawsuits and false criminal charges, just like you do.

The judges can see to it that the organisation's lawyers lose the right to practice law, and that the organisation gets destroyed with a few big lawsuits. And they will lose their corporate or rich donor funding if they have any, and all those paid employees at the organisation will be out of work, or worse. If the organisation exposes corrupt judges, any rich donors to the organisation can be targeted as well with legal harassment.

Internet search engines and social media are themselves motivated to particpate in USA judge bribery. If the internet portal allows or highlights much talk about legal corruption, they might no longer easily win or have dismissed 99% of the lawsuits filed against them, as is happening if these internet portals are co-operative.

When you are a victim of a crooked judge or lawyer, that often means your civil rights have been violated, either by what originally happened, or the subsequent cover up. However, that is exactly the kind of violation of your civil rights and civil liberties, that the various organisations are afraid to touch, even if they claim to be national 'civil rights and civil liberties' organisations.

  'Our resources are limited, we can't take every case, it's not the kind of case we handle', they will tell you. Plus,
'We have to work within the system', and so on. Eventually you get used to the pattern of routine responses, or just being outright ignored.

Most victims sadly find that, for their own case, there is no one out there, with money or resources or lawyers, who is willing to help fight legal or judicial corruption in America.

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