Tuesday, August 02, 2005

1. I've been a victim of wrongdoing by a judge or lawyer - where do I start in getting help?

When you have been a victim of wrongdoing by a judge or lawyer, you have joined the ranks of what are now millions of victims of sleaze and corruption in the American legal system.

But you need first of all to realise that you are in a situation where it will be very difficult for you to get help, despite your being surrounded by well something like 1.3 million lawyers in the USA, and living in a society obsessed with law and lawyers, with courts and with lawsuits.

You are victim in need of legal help, yet it is mostly forbidden to USA lawyers and judges to help you. I will try to explain why.

This FAQ explains what will likely happen, as you try various avenues of seeking help and justice, and try to defend yourself against powerful forces who are set up against you.

You have begun a road that is probably long and lonely, as well as dangerous. You or a loved one may be threatened with jail and prison, with losing everything you have or own, with being mentally and even physically tormented, and even being murdered or put to death.

You may be completely innocent, and even have complete proof that a lawyer or judge or their friends have committed major felony crimes.

But still, you may have a terribly difficult time getting anyone to help you, or getting the news media to cover your story, or even getting someone to listen to you.

The first step is to face and confront the situation, and know exactly what you are facing in America's strange legal system. This FAQ will help you understand the evil games played at a USA courthouse, and in a USA society that hides the truth about this horrid system.

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