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30. What is the best thing happening to fight judicial and legal corruption in America?

When this FAQ was first composed in 2005, there was a very noble active grass-roots organisation bringing together many legal system victims and their supporters, called 'JAIL 4 Judges', the word JAIL also being an acronym for 'Judicial Accountability Initiative Law'.

This organisation, founded by the Rev. Ron Branson, was the last best hope for judicial and legal reform inside the USA. Its basic, simple and appealing idea, was that judges should be able to be held accountable by the people, instead of non-accountable like they are now, where judges cover up for each other.

The mechanism for popular supervision over judges, was at core an adaptation and revival of the 'citizens grand jury' concept. Although it is near-universal now that grand juries which issue criminal indictments, are called by prosecutors, in the past, common USA citizens have been able to convene a grand jury on their own, to weigh in on crimes committed, to which the regular police and law enforcement are not paying attention.

JAIL 4 Judges had the brilliant idea to restore this practice, as a basic mechanism of democracy and justice, by which judges can be called to account by citizens themselves, even if the judge-lawyer-prosecutor-politician mafia was ignoring the judicial misconduct. Judges, lawyers and politicians hated this idea with a passion, precisely because it is so beautiful and instantly appealing to the public.

The high-water mark for Jail 4 Judges was getting its proposal on the ballot in an election in South Dakota in 2006. Many of us had hopes, that this wonderful proposal in South Dakota, could be the beginning of destroying the wicked arbitrary power of America's judges and the abuses that resulted from that power, once similar initiatives spread across the country. Jail 4 Judges, if passed nationally, would go a long way toward remedying one of the most serious missing elements in the framework of America's 1789 Constitution.

The current corporate powers of America, used to corrupt judges as their servants, were fully against this proposal, of course, and a great deal of money was spent to defeat the proposal, with adverts that confused the public, and a hostile media also smearing the proposal on behalf of their friends in the judge-lawyer mafia. Only the people supported the measure; all the money-mafias were against it.

The vote total was ridiculous, and smacked of ballot fraud ... it was reported that almost no one voted to try to end judicial corruption, and that the number of people voting for JAIL for Judges, was even less than the number of people who signed the original petition to get it on the ballot!

Jail 4 Judges continued as an active web presence for a few years, but its communications were hounded and harassed by the tech censorship tools which have now become much worse, and nothing quite has replaced it as a major anti-legal-corruption movement.

Every now and then you will see a request come out, that either some Congress-person, or some reporter or producer in the media, would like to know about specific cases of legal corruption. That person then gets flooded with material, supplied by people around the country, and even from ex-Americans in other countries. And then, the big fizzle and fade-away, as the politicians or media reporter realises that for their own good, they better stay away from this hot potato. 

There continue to be various websites trying to do things in this area, but it is difficult for anyone to get much off the ground in this field, given the lack of funding, lack of lawyers, and lack of support from media and from internet search companies, which all themselves seek to get favour from judges for their own corporate purposes, plus fear judicial and legal revenge.

Many sites on legal corruption, although perhaps suggesting an 'organisation' or 'movement', are really just an extension of one particular situation, or sometimes are a group of people all hit by the same evildoer or in a local context. Other sites serve to share ideas via newsletters, people hearing something of what others are doing and trying to do. Still other sites try to hit upon strategies that will finally get major media or politicians to 'do something' about this legal-judicial hell into which so many Americans have been put. People have also attempted to make films, and sometimes have posted some videos of various usefulness in certain legal areas.

Yet it seems that, ever since an un-funded, un-lawyered Jail 4 Judges, was harassed and hounded into non-activity - its noble founder getting elderly, his brave wife passing away - there has been something terribly missing, with no great central voice about the US judicial corrupton monster.

That perhaps is on the verge of changing, as the social and political upheavals of 2020, make it clear that, however unknown the future, the USA is entering a new phase of its existence, with a revolutionary level of changes in the air. This tide of change must inevitably come to include the corruption of courts and lawyers.

Not far beneath the surface of issues of racial tension, is the fact that many tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of minority people of colour, have been jailed although innocent, by a horrifically unjust legal, court, and prosecutorial system, with victims often most hellishly damaged and threatened by their very own lawyer supposedly representing them, in many cases the alleged 'public defender'.

Although there is a great deal of urban crime in the USA, the middle classes are seemingly blind to the affect that the people jailed for these crimes, have often been innocent, railroaded patsies for the real criminals, whom authorities found it too much trouble to find.

For the middle classes of USA citizens of European heritage, the false criminal charges are less of an issue, but their own lives are often devastated by legal and court corruption of a different kind, often in family court or in lawsuit depradations stealing homes and assets, this latter particularly affecting small businesses, who do not have the big-corporation ability to buy politicians and bribe judges through their white-shoe law firms, like the big companies can.

And sadly, the nature of USA discourse and life - not aided by an often-corrupt, malicious media seeking to create chaos and division - has blocked the minority peoples of colour, and the European-heritage middle-class, from seeing that they have both been mauled, and continue to be in grave danger from the legal corruption monster.

But now, with the older fabric of USA social life being torn to pieces before our eyes, eventually the gaze of people may well turn on what really needs fixing, and is a common enemy of all non-oligarch USA citizens - the corruption amongst USA lawyers, courts and judges.

If there is a multi-millionaire who really wants to change the United States of America for the better, who really wants to give America a pro-democracy revolution that it badly needs, broad funding for media and activism on judicial and legal corruption, would be the way to do it.

Something like Jail 4 Judges tried to do in the 00 decade, needs to succeed, if the USA is to turn productively away from the disastrous road onto which it is now tumbling.

Currently, the USA mass media is firmly hostile to exposing court corruption, and thus its many victims have no large public voice in the USA, even though the number of victims is huge. That could change overnight if corporations wanted to change it. By publicising a few of the major clear-cut cases of legal and judicial corruption, media would create an unstoppable tide of public opinion in favor of reform of the judicial and legal system. People would start to call for the hanging of many judges from the lamp-posts of America.

But such a revolution would involve actually expanding American democracy, giving power back to people, and ultimately risking that USA workers would want more social benefits and protection, as in Europe. This would come at a price of profits and power that are currently maintained by America's largest corporations and wealthy investors.

But we are perhaps nearing a time, where some sections of the oligarchy, are seeing the need to create a system much less rigged and corrupt, economically, politically and judicially.

If there is a major USA revolution, or USA secession and break-up into pieces, the old judge-lawyer mafia will need to be dealt with, rather aggressively. In any new USA formation, the sleazy lawyers of the courthouse mafias, will try to re-assert themselves in whatever new frameworks take hold ... and that cannot be allowed to happen.

The horrors of USA judicial and legal corruption, need dramatic relief, if freedom, peace and justice are to be restored in its lands and amongst its peoples.

May heaven bring comfort to all of you, who have come to read this FAQ because you were a victim of that system.

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