Tuesday, August 02, 2005

16. I couldn't get help from my political representative, about my battle with a crooked judge or crooked lawyer - Why won't the politicians help me?

Next to the initial shock of suddenly seeing the crooked nature of USA judges and courts, another shock for the typical US legal system victim, is finding out that the politicians of both major parties, have no interest in helping you or in confronting the injustice.

Often you hear a victim of legal corruption say, "I've been a Republican / Democrat all my life, but when I asked for help about how I was victimised by a judge and lawyers, all I got was the run-around. They slammed the door in my face. My legislator just told me, 'We don't interfere with the courts, that's a different branch of government. You can appeal if you think you've been wronged.' I told them about all the crimes I saw committed, but they didn't care. They just abandoned me, even though I voted for those people for years."

It's the same story over and over again, as legal victims' groups have documented. If you have some problem with an executive branch government agency, not getting some permit you need or some issue like that, your legislator might help you. But raise an issue about crooked lawyers and judges, then Whoa! You find that your legislators and their staff look at you as if you are some criminal, who has just tried to ask for help in getting away with armed robbery. They don't want to talk to you, they don't want to hear about your problems, and they almost certainly won't do anything about it.

The political party that you imagined was on your side, all those years you voted for them, now suddenly has no time for you. You will find that both political parties are generally the same, although there have been a few politicians who said a few things for a few victims. .

Even if you have a strong political angle in the case, they usually won't help you. If a Republican judge has committed a felony crime against you, don't expect the Democrats to help. If a law firm of Democrat lawyers has robbed you, don't expect the Republicans to help.

You are confronting something very deep and dark about American life here. Your legislators will not help you about legal corruption and wrong-doing, for more than the reason that the legislator and leading staff members may well all be lawyers too. Of course that is a factor. In the USA in various states, sometimes even the majority of legislators are lawyers, the same kind of politically-hungry lawyers who become judges. They start their careers playing the familiar dirty games with judges and other lawyers, and they do not want to start opposing that dirty game just because they won an election as the supposed 'people's representative.

The legislator knows it is very dangerous to talk about crime and wrongdoing by lawyers and judges. Legislators who start talking like that, are quickly attacked by the legal profession, by the judges and by their fellow legislators. If they don't shut up quickly, their political careers, and maybe their private lives, will be sabotaged. They might find themselves suddenly themselves facing trumped-up 'corruption charges' or 'public scandal', and there will be lots of snickering as to how they only complained about judges and lawyers because they were crooks themselves.

A leading black Congressman on the US Congress House Judiciary Committee, suddenly had his wife jailed right at the time it was side he was about to expose the crimes of US courts against black people and other minorities. There are many ways to give politicians a warning to keep their mouths shut. And ultimately there is quite a substantial list of US Congress people, Senators, judges and other officials, who wind up mysteriously and suddenly dead 'by accident'.

And besides the threats, legislators are loyal to the people who pay their bills - the richest people and the biggest corporations. The money from these rich people and their political vehicles, is often necessary to get elected. Nearly all US legislators belong to the two major political parties, and they have benefited financially and in many other ways from these parties and related political-action groups, which are mostly funded in turn by rich people and big corporations seeking political influence and control.

The big money flowing into the two major USA political parties, does not want to see legislators rocking the boat, going on a crusade against crooked lawyers and judges, when the American courts are exactly the main tool that is being used to keep the whole American 'system' the way it is, the way that is most profitable for the big companies. If there are changes in the society directed by the courts, those changes are nearly always what is wanted or programmed by the billionaires and big corporations and big political donors. A legislator who makes trouble against the oligarch wave, has a very difficult road ahead, and will usually not be allowed to stay in politics very long - and in fact will be lucky not to get jailed or killed before it is all over.

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